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055R | End of Year 2017 Review

A review of ChooseFI’s progress over 2017 about the great community, how open everyone is to helping each other and several voicemails on people’s paths to FI.

In today’s episode we cover:

  • A walk through the past 12 months
  • How to help the second generation FIRE
  • Richmond’s article on how far the ChooseFI community has come
  • The different processes of FI
  • How FI is about getting a bit better every day
  • ChooseFI is a community but FI is a movement
  • Voicemail from Eric about how far he’s come on his journey to FI
  • How far the Facebook group has come
  • The importance of leaving our backgrounds at the door and helping each other
  • Voicemail from Cody on his plan to repay his parents for everything they’ve sacrificed
  • How great it is that people who have reached FI turn back and help others
  • Voicemail from Andrew about building the community offline
  • Why the plan is to travel the world meeting local ChooseFI communities
  • The CampFI retreat
  • Voicemail from Jimmy on how he has been able to focus on things that bring value and happiness
  • Voicemail from Colby on a college hack he used to graduate debt free
  • ChoseFI is introducing 30+ writers to post on the website
  • Voicemail from Deanna on how she is now living a life of intention
  • Sara sends in her Hotseat answers
  • Jonathan takes a second look at his limiting belief about biking and gets a bike recommendation from Mr Money Mustache and Physician on FIRE
  • Voicemail from Greg on how he now views spending money in a different light
  • Huge thank you to everyone who has participated and listened to the show

Listen to “Live From Fincon 2017” here.


Thank you for being a part of the ChooseFI community! 🙂

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As Jonathan would say, “The FIRE is spreading my friends!”

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