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044 | Brandon Pearce | Into The Wind

Today we discuss how Brandon Pearce went from a call center job to being a full time entrepreneur, traveling the world with his wife and children and how he started the Family Adventure Summit.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • Episode 44 with Brandon Pearce, who was recommended to us by Andrew from the ChooseFI community
  • Discussion of geo arbitrage, starting your own business and designing your future all wrapped up in one person
  • Brandon realizing that you have no control over your future as a regular employee and it started him thinking about getting moving with his own business
  • His software for organizing piano lessons was what led to his business
  • How he got his first sale and realized this could be a successful business
  • How Brandon considered making this a full-time venture and that inflection point where he took the leap
  • Did Brandon contemplate not going full time with his software or was this a slam dunk decision?
  • The value of hiring from inside your own community to find someone who is passionate and knowledgeable
  • How Brandon wouldn’t be happier or more fulfilled with more ‘stuff’
  • Was the plan for this to be a ‘lifestyle business’ originally?
  • They replaced a focus on stuff with a focus on growth, travel and service
  • Their six week “test trip” to Panama as a family
  • Looking at life through your children’s eyes
  • How difficult it was to replicate this experience in the United States
  • Travel as one of the biggest catalysts for growth
  • How liberating it was to not have any of their stuff on the trip to Panama
  • Their first long-term trip was to Costa Rica and they were there for 1.5 years where their daughter was born
  • How do you find a community when travelling abroad?
  • Their current location in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico and how close the community is there
  • Schooling types: Homeschooling, world schooling and un-schooling and an explanation
  • They follow an interest-led learning approach with their children to inspire the love of learning
  • What do you tell someone who is afraid to take the leap to family travel?
  • Slow travel has the ability to be transformative and immersive
  • Questions about safety and health care in foreign countries
  • A discussion of health care in the countries Brandon has lived in and how inexpensive it is
  • Brandon’s time tracking experiment
  • The 1st annual Family Adventure Summit
  • Documentary: Into the Wind about families travelling the world
  • Hot Seat Questions
Listen to Brad and Jonathan’s thoughts about this episode here. Links from the show: Books Mentioned in the Show:
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