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044 | Brandon Pearce | Into The Wind

Today we discuss how Brandon Pearce went from a call center job to being a full time entrepreneur, traveling the world with his wife and children and how he started the Family Adventure Summit.

In Today’s Podcast we cover:

  • Episode 44 with Brandon Pearce, who was recommended to us by Andrew from the ChooseFI community
  • Discussion of geo arbitrage, starting your own business and designing your future all wrapped up in one person
  • Brandon realizing that you have no control over your future as a regular employee and it started him thinking about getting moving with his own business
  • His software for organizing piano lessons was what led to his business
  • How he got his first sale and realized this could be a successful business
  • How Brandon considered making this a full-time venture and that inflection point where he took the leap
  • Did Brandon contemplate not going full time with his software or was this a slam dunk decision?
  • The value of hiring from inside your own community to find someone who is passionate and knowledgeable
  • How Brandon wouldn’t be happier or more fulfilled with more ‘stuff’
  • Was the plan for this to be a ‘lifestyle business’ originally?
  • They replaced a focus on stuff with a focus on growth, travel and service
  • Their six week “test trip” to Panama as a family
  • Looking at life through your children’s eyes
  • How difficult it was to replicate this experience in the United States
  • Travel as one of the biggest catalysts for growth
  • How liberating it was to not have any of their stuff on the trip to Panama
  • Their first long-term trip was to Costa Rica and they were there for 1.5 years where their daughter was born
  • How do you find a community when travelling abroad?
  • Their current location in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico and how close the community is there
  • Schooling types: Homeschooling, world schooling and un-schooling and an explanation
  • They follow an interest-led learning approach with their children to inspire the love of learning
  • What do you tell someone who is afraid to take the leap to family travel?
  • Slow travel has the ability to be transformative and immersive
  • Questions about safety and health care in foreign countries
  • A discussion of health care in the countries Brandon has lived in and how inexpensive it is
  • Brandon’s time tracking experiment
  • The 1st annual Family Adventure Summit
  • Documentary: Into the Wind about families travelling the world
  • Hot Seat Questions

Listen to Brad and Jonathan's thoughts about this episode here.

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2 thoughts on “044 | Brandon Pearce | Into The Wind”

  1. Just a clarifying note on the cost of home births in the U.S.–it sounds like it’s pretty comparable to what they paid in Costa Rica (at least in the two markets I’m familiar with). I just had a home birth on Oct 10, and I began my maternity care in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the most highly regarded Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM, which is a very specialized kind of nurse) charged $2200 for all of her care–from the first appointment through home delivery to postpartum visits. Then, mid-pregnancy, I moved to the DC area, and the most highly regarded CNM I found here charged approximately $3600 for all maternity care (from first visit through home delivery to postpartum visits). In the States, some health insurance companies/plans do cover home births (though not nearly as many), so it could be cheaper than that even.

    We decided to go the home birth route, even though it meant we would need to pay for it out of pocket, because we wanted that experience like Brandon and his wife did. And we paid about what they paid for it. But then, we didn’t get to have the baby in beautiful Costa Rica. Maybe next time. 🙂

  2. I can’t believe the coincidence of listening to this podcast on the very day we arrived in San Miguel de Allende to begin furnishing our new home down here. We will definitely have to look up Brandon while we are down here. We have spent the last 10 years traveling North America in our 40’ motorhome and intend to spend the next 10 years living here in San Miguel. Of course we will continue to travel, but for the next decade we will call SMA home. If you are reading this Brandon, drop me a line at jcw3rd at mac dot com. FIRE is AWESOME.

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