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045 | JD Roth | Get Rich Slowly | Breaking News | Full Circle

Today we discuss JD Roth’s backstory behind his financial journey, Get Rich Slowly and Money Boss, plus JD’s philosophy AND a very special announcement…

Podcast Episode Summary

  • A discussion with JD Roth from Money Boss and Get Rich Slowly
  • How JD impacted Brad’s life and put him on the trajectory to becoming a travel rewards expert
  • JD’s backstory and how he found the personal finance community
  • JD started Get Rich Slowly to document his process to clawing out of $35,000 worth of consumer debt and becoming financially literate and successful
  • JD started his ‘credit card habit’ in college
  • Any actionable tips the audience could take away from JD earning a scholarship to college?
  • JD focuses on being self-directed with an ‘internal locus of control’
  • JD started a blog before the word blog even existed and started his first webpage in 1994 and his first web journal in 1997
  • JD’s plan to get out of debt in 3 years and the article he wrote called ‘Get Rich Slowly’
  • April 2006 was when Get Rich Slowly started
  • JD was looking for a ‘magic bullet’ but quickly realized he needed to put in the effort and spend less money
  • Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball and how it helped JD succeed psychologically
  • JD as an ‘accidental personal finance expert’ and how that journey progressed
  • The audience and community around Get Rich Slowly helped make it a great site and inclusive
  • JD’s frustration with the thought that there’s a “right” way to go about things in the personal finance world
  • Action is the number one thing that separates successful people according to JD
  • The methodology behind financial independence according to JD: The Six Stages of Financial Freedom
  • Your level of control increases as you progress down the path towards financial independence
  • When JD personally progressed through the six stages
  • How does JD spend his days and what is his philosophy?
  • How JD sold his comic book collection and made $28,000 which funded their RV trip
  • JD’s insight on the future of the financial independence movement
  • Hot Seat Questions
  • JD’s big announcement about Get Rich Slowly

Listen to Brad and Jonathan’s thoughts about this episode here.

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