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045.Get Rich Slowly

Today we discuss JD Roth's backstory behind his financial journey, Get Rich Slowly and Money Boss, plus JD's philosophy AND a very special announcement…

In Today’s Podcast we cover:

  • A discussion with JD Roth from Money Boss and Get Rich Slowly
  • How JD impacted Brad’s life and put him on the trajectory to becoming a travel rewards expert
  • JD’s backstory and how he found the personal finance community
  • JD started Get Rich Slowly to document his process to clawing out of $35,000 worth of consumer debt and becoming financially literate and successful
  • JD started his ‘credit card habit’ in college
  • Any actionable tips the audience could take away from JD earning a scholarship to college?
  • JD focuses on being self-directed with an ‘internal locus of control’
  • JD started a blog before the word blog even existed and started his first webpage in 1994 and his first web journal in 1997
  • JD’s plan to get out of debt in 3 years and the article he wrote called ‘Get Rich Slowly’
  • April 2006 was when Get Rich Slowly started
  • JD was looking for a ‘magic bullet’ but quickly realized he needed to put in the effort and spend less money
  • Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball and how it helped JD succeed psychologically
  • JD as an ‘accidental personal finance expert’ and how that journey progressed
  • The audience and community around Get Rich Slowly helped make it a great site and inclusive
  • JD’s frustration with the thought that there’s a “right” way to go about things in the personal finance world
  • Action is the number one thing that separates successful people according to JD
  • The methodology behind financial independence according to JD: The Six Stages of Financial Freedom
  • Your level of control increases as you progress down the path towards financial independence
  • When JD personally progressed through the six stages
  • How does JD spend his days and what is his philosophy?
  • How JD sold his comic book collection and made $28,000 which funded their RV trip
  • JD’s insight on the future of the financial independence movement
  • Hot Seat Questions
  • JD’s big announcement about Get Rich Slowly

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4 thoughts on “045 | JD Roth | Get Rich Slowly | Breaking News | Full Circle

  1. Nice to hear a shout out for David Cain and Raptitude — one of the few blogs I read regularly. He’s kind of a minimalist introverted type that in some way reminds me of Mr. Rogers in that he has a gentle way about him.

    In addition to the blog, I recommend his book “This Will Never Happen Again”, which is a nice collection of essays.

  2. What a great episode! I LOVED JD’s quotes on being ‘suboptimal’:

    “If you’re successful, that’s what’s most important, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re doing the optimal thing if it’s not going to work for you. Try suboptimal, and if you’re able to do it, that’s what counts!”

    “Do what works for you … take all this information out there, and pick the elements that are effective in your life that bring you the results that you want, and ignore the rest!”

    This is SO true. So many people obsess over optimizing every little detail, when in reality if you just do what works for you to save the majority of your money, you’ll be fine. Trust me: most of the financial moves the wife and I have made have been suboptimal, and yet our FI date is right around the corner! Cheers.

  3. Another great interview with another great guest guys.

    JD, I’d be honored to do a voiceover on your upcoming podcast or any other project you’re involved with.

    Thanks for the kind words!

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