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The Debtist Finds Balance in FI | The Debtist | Ep 395

In this episode: student loans, the impact of knowing, navigating the pandemic, the power of planning, and the freedom of FI!

Tens of millions of people deal with student loan debt, and even with the recent news of loan forgiveness, there are still many who are left unequipped with the knowledge of the best ways to repay these debts without sacrificing their lifestyle. Today we are rejoined by Samm, aka “The Debtist,” to get an update on how she has been navigating paying off her student loans and how her financial mindset has changed over the last 4 years. Taking on debt does not mean you have to deprive yourself of the life you want until the debts are paid off! By changing your mindset to one of abundance of opportunity rather than scarcity of opportunity, the path to FI can open many doors for you! Paying down your loans, entering into new professions, and not letting your money control your ability to find happiness are all just examples of what is possible while getting yourself out of debt!

The Debtist:


  • 1:25 – Introduction
  • 1:50 – Sam’s Student Loan Story
  • 6:34 – Switching From IBR and The Impact of Knowing
  • 10:48 – Navigating the Pandemic Pause
  • 14:06 – The Freedom of FI
  • 17:45 – The Aftermath of the Pandemic
  • 24:56 – The Doors You Can Open By Shutting One
  • 30:51 – The Power of Planning
  • 38:18 – The End of the Pandemic Pause
  • 46:35 – Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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