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021R | Our First Ever Crowd-Sourced Case Study | Paul

In today's episode of the Friday Roundup we review our discussion of the Pillars of Financial Independence, take questions and comments from the community and go in-depth on Paul's live case study.

In Today’s Podcast we cover:

  • Review of Episode 21, the Pillars of Financial Independence
  • What areas of financial independence did we leave out of the episode?
  • Might have under-discussed savings rate as a pillar of FI
  • Choose FI as one of the ‘5 people you spend the most time with’
  • The value of $100 savings per month after 20 years or 40 years
  • Can Jonathan really do 50 pullups?
  • Comment from the audience: Charlotte mentioned Geographic Arbitrage as a pillar of financial independence
  • Comment from the audience: Mary suggests that taxes are the largest line item in your budget, not housing like we mentioned
  • Comment from Frank: He thinks we can do an entire episode on how to educate your children on money
  • Comment from Matt: The expense ratio on Vanguard’s VTSAX fund was just lowered to 0.04%
  • FIRE in the News: Anti-frugal event that Isaac showed us and Financial Panther’s list of best new podcasts
  • The value of travel rewards for people in the FI community
  • Frugal wins of the week from the audience: Andrew starting his own Gracie Garage, Tom’s list of incredible life changes, Cassie’s reduction in car insurance, Neal maximizing gift cards that were lying around the house, Tanner saving on free and used items, Heidi cutting cable
  • Live case study from Paul – his responses to our questions from last week’s episode. Find the beginning of the case study here.
  • Paul’s response to “how much do your expenses cost you each year”
  • Paul’s response to the question, “do you want to quit your job?”
  • Paul’s response to “what does your post-FI life really look like?”
  • Brad’s thought that the pursuit of FI is not about money – it’s what you value in life and finding happiness both in the journey and post-FI
  • Frank’s question to Paul about what they have planned for his daughter’s college education
  • Will $43,000 of savings be enough to fully fund a four year college education?
  • Thoughts on college education and the value of that education
  • Question to Paul about what is psychologically holding him back
  • Question to Paul about his plans to include Social Security into his FI plan
  • Question to Paul about the breakdown of his investment accounts between different ‘buckets’
  • Paul’s plan for a Roth-IRA conversion ladder
  • Paige’s comment about the ‘Age of 55’ rule for distributions from your 401k if you are 55 or older after your separation from service
  • Our follow up questions for Paul based on his case study
  • Itunes reviews and book giveaways

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11 thoughts on “021R | Our First Ever Crowd-Sourced Case Study | Paul”

  1. the clarification on the 50 pull up is an interesting piece of disclosure. i was shocked you guys were so strong. but even if form is bad 50 pull up is no easy feat.

  2. I just had to use google “ task or to-do or automate” to find this tool. Jonathan/Brad- two requests/recommendation: (1) Set up a way to search your site and podcast discussion topics. (2) Have a link on the navigation on top to “Endorsements/Recommendations.” Put Todoist on there because I love it already.

  3. I disagree that everybody needs to go to college. A better statement would be everybody needs to go to college OR trade school. I’m a perfect example. I make a $120k/year as a police officer. No college required. I consider the police academy (which my employer funded) as trade school. Electricians, plumbers, air traffic controllers and marine diesel mechanics all can make high salaries.

  4. Hi guys, I just discovered your podcast a few weeks ago. I started from the beginning and have just finished listening to this episode. I keep hearing you ask your listeners to leave a review on iTunes, but I am listening on Google play and have never owned any Apple products! I don’t think Google has a way to leave reviews, so I wanted to let you know that I’m listening, you guys are inspiring, and I can’t wait to get caught up so that I can listen to episodes closer to real time.

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