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Timeline Your Goals | Stacked With Joe Saul-Sehy | EP 370

In this week’s episode, Brad and Jonathan sit down with Joe Saul-Sehy, co-author of the book “Stacked” and co-host of the “Stacking Benjamins” podcast. Together, the trio discuss how to properly set goals for yourself and ways you can continue to move that needle along! If you stick to your timeline and ask the right questions, before you know it you could be on the right track!

Joe Saul-Sely


  • 0:51 – Introductions
  • 5:20 – Goal Setting And The Timeline
  • 10:41 – Bad Questions And False Rabbit Holes
  • 15:25 – Talking Family Finance
  • 20:24 – Budgeting And Tracking
  • 28:25 – Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy
  • 32:21 – Financial Advisors
  • 45:30 – Assets Under Management
  • 51:51 – About “Stacked” And Where You Can Find It!
  • 54:02 – Conclusion

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