141 | Reset: An Unconventional Guide For Getting Unstuck With David Sawyer


Jonathan and Brad talk to David Sawyer who just released his book, . The book is aimed at helping people who feel stuck in their careers as well as an optimization strategy for Financial Independence in the UK. Inspiration For RESET David grew up in a home where his parents didn’t follow the fads. He graduated from university without any idea of what he wanted to do. In his mind, he … Read more

140R | The Real Cost Of A Financial Advisor

The Real Cost Of A Financial Advisor

Brad and Jonathan dive into the costs of a financial advisor and college hacking. Financial Advisors Jonathan recently recorded an episode with Pete Matthews from Meaningful Money. Pete mentioned that he had been at a financial planning conference where they told the audience that financial advisors need to be prepared to talk to people about reaching Financial Independence. FI is a framework on life. That’s what people are looking for. … Read more

140 | FI Lifestyle Before FI Number With Nick True

140 | FI Lifestyle Before FI Number With Nick True

Nick True from Mapped Out Money talks about designing an FI lifestyle before reaching an FI number. Currently, Nick and his wife live in an Airstream trailer with the flexibility to live wherever they want to be. Quitting His Day Job For Life On The Road When Nick and his wife quit their jobs for a life on the road, it was not because they had achieved FIRE. However, the couple … Read more

139R | Time Is On Your Side

139R Time is On Your Side

Jonathan and Brad discuss saving time and the secondary good market as a potential side hustle opportunity. Reclaim Your Time Last week, Jonathan ended up at the DMV on a Friday afternoon with a crazy wait time. What should have been a quick trip turned into an ordeal worth avoiding. After the painful trip, Jonathan did some research into when you should go to the DMV. You should avoid the … Read more

139 | Reaching FI With Real Estate With Sunny Burns

139 | Reaching FI With Real Estate With Sunny Burns

Sunny and his wife are 88.92% of their way to FI at only age 28 while living just 15 minutes outside of New York City. Sunny’s Financial Beginning As one of four children in a home with a below-average income, Sunny grew into a naturally thrifty person. That base of financial awareness has led to an extremely successful financial life. Paying For College  After a successful high school career filled … Read more

138R | My Daughter’s Mindset

138 | How To Get Paid To Go To College

Jonathan talks to Brad’s daughter Anna about her can-do mindset and review Monday’s episode with Anthony. Equifax Data Breach Johnathan and his wife made $250 for less than 10 minutes of work. The Equifax data breach affected over 140 million people. Each of those affected people is entitled to a settlement. It is worth taking the five minutes to check it out! df You can find out if you were … Read more

138 | How To Get Paid To Go To College With Anthony Gary

138 | How To Get Paid To Go To College

Anthony talks about the strategy he used to go to college for profit in his senior year. The strategies he outlines could be used as early as freshman year to make college a profitable experience. High School In high school, Anthony had a relatively high GPA and solid standardized test scores but no means to pay for college. As a self-proclaimed “know-nothing” high schooler, Anthony headed into college relatively blind … Read more

137R | An Evening Of Financial Independence

An evening of Financial Independence

Brad and Jonathan discuss an evening of FI and how to be a storyteller. Richmond Screening Of Playing With FIRE The June 19th showing of Playing with FIRE was a hit. Over 500 people turned out for an evening of Financial Independence. It just made me realize the scale of what the movement is. That was to me the biggest takeaway. The volunteers behind the screens really made this event … Read more

137 | Rebuilding A Life You Love With Christine

137 | Rebuilding a Life You Love with Christine

Here is Christine’s story about how she and her husband, Jack, rebuilt a life that they love after an 85% reduction in pay six weeks into their marriage. Losing Your Income Two weeks after they were married, Christine was let go from her engineering job. Basically, the company was looking to reduce expenses after they lost a big contract and since she was relatively new they let her go. Four weeks … Read more

136R | Silver Spoon Or Skills

136R | Silver Spoon or Skills

Here’s a case study on funding a child’s Roth IRA and listen to feedback from the community. Solar Panels Are Installed It’s official! The solar panels are installed on Brad’s roof and they are producing power. He is using the SolarEdge app to track their production over time. Trading In Gas For Battery-Powered Lawnmower Since the move to a smaller lot, Jonathan decided that he no longer needed the riding … Read more