163R | Roth IRA Conversion Ladder Case Study

163R | Roth IRA Conversion Ladder Case Study

An updated case study of the Roth IRA conversion ladder and a challenge for the community are some of the topics that Brad and Jonathan tackle. $1,000 Challenge Most personal finance advice starts with building your first $1,000 in savings. However, if you are struggling to get from paycheck to paycheck, you might feel like that isn’t an option for you. After all, if you have options, then you wouldn’t … Read more

163 | Finding FI And Getting A Reluctant Spouse On Board | Liz And Braden

163 | Finding FI | Liz and Braden

Recently, Liz and Braden left a voicemail that detailed how they went from regular people to FI superheroes. They came on the show to share their journey. Listen: Silver Spoon Or Skills Liz And Braden’s Story Liz grew up with a single mom that struggled financially after getting divorced. Due to that, she had to learn how to budget at a very young age. She helped her mom pay off … Read more

162R | There’s Water In The Cup

There's Water In The Cup

Join Brad and Jonathan to discuss credit building, financial intimacy, and travel rewards. Family Life Both Brad and Jonathan had difficult weeks due to some medical issues in their families. Thankfully, everyone is on the mend. But Brad is now waiting for a large hospital bill in the mail. That’s why we pursue FI, when catastrophic issues like this come up, we can weather the storm. After this healthcare scare, … Read more

162 | The Four Tendencies And FI With Gretchen Rubin

The Four Tendencies And FI With Gretchen Rubin

Although finding the path to FI can be exciting, it can be frustrating to have difficulty communicating this vision to your family and friends. Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, sheds some light on the Four Tendencies or people and how to communicate with each tendency. Gretchen’s Story Gretchen is an Upholder by nature. She walked away from a Supreme Court clerk position to become a successful writer and … Read more

161R | Reignite


The announcement of the new FI101 course! Plus a discussion of the power of community and the impact it can have on your finances. Everyday Courage Everyday Courage launched earlier this year. It is off to a great start! It is already in the top 200 in all podcasts and top 5 in the iTunes self-improvement category. Thank you to everyone that listened! If you haven’t listened, take a minute … Read more

161 | Money Letters To My Daughter with Jackie Cummings Koski

Money Letters To My Daughter with Jackie Cummings Koski

Jackie Cummings Koski shares her story as a single mom that made FIRE a reality. She proves that there is no “one way” to achieve FI. The goal can be accomplished by people from all walks of life and Jackie offers a unique perspective of FI. Jackie’s Story Jackie grew up in the rural south with five siblings and a single father. Her dad worked extremely hard to provide for … Read more

160R | Everyday Courage

160R | Everyday Courage

Jillian joins Brad and Jonathan to share her story and celebrate the launch of the new podcast Everyday Courage. Everyday Courage The ChooseFI family is launching a new podcast today. Everyday Courage is officially live! Please take a moment to subscribe to this new podcast. Jillian wanted to create this podcast because living intentionally goes beyond hitting your FI number. Before Jillian and her family hit FI four years ago, … Read more

160 | End of Year Wins 2019

End of Year Wins 2019

As we ring in the new year, it is time to celebrate our community’s wins. This episode is dedicated entirely to the wins that have happened throughout the community this year. The goal is to congratulate everyone on a fantastic year and inspire the community to continue to achieve amazing things next year. Wins From The Community Let’s take a closer look at these amazing wins from 2019. If you … Read more

159R | From Solopreneur To Entrepreneur

From Solopreneur To Entrepreneur

It’s the last Friday roundup of the decade! Learn how to level up your skills with Brad and Jonathan. New Year’s Resolutions Many people look to the start of a new decade as a clean slate. Although it can be a good time to start fresh, you shouldn’t wait to get started on your goals. It is interesting how we put these constraints on ourselves to achieve so much in … Read more

159 | Eventual Millionaire | Jaime Masters

159 | The Business Coach Approach to Double Your Revenue | Jamie Masters

Jamie Masters shares her story of overachieving and burn-out, finding Personal Finance, Business Coaching, and Mentoring. Jaime’s Story Jaime is a self-proclaimed classic overachiever. At age 19, she was earning $40,000 per year and bought her first home. At age 22, she was already earning a six-figure income. With that, she was the breadwinner of her family. In fact, she was making around three times as much as her juggler … Read more