115R | How to Get Out of Debt

How to Get Out of Debt

A how-to conversation about strategies for tackling consumer debt, a review of Monday’s episode with Bonnie Traux, and a few updates about the ChooseFI community. Brad’s wife no longer working as a CPA – although she was technically laid off, she’s excited for the extra time in her schedule. Being at FI gave Laura the ability to be happy for her previous employer and move on with a smile. Bonnie … Read more

115 | Poverty, Divorce and FI by 43 | Bonnie Traux


Bonnie Truax, a blogger and early retiree, shares her story of growing up below the poverty line, scraping her way out of inherited debt, reaching financial independence without knowing what it was, and understanding how to talk about money with your spouse. Bonnie grew up with family income that was technically half of the poverty level, but always debt free. In a town of only 35 people, W2 jobs were … Read more

114R | Fine Tuning the College Equation | PSAT and National Merit Scholarship

114R | Fine Tuning the College Equation

Brian Eufinger returns to fill the gaps and address questions from the community about PSATs and National Merit Scholars, Brad and Jonathan discuss the benefits of creating a college-hacking strategy early, and the ChooseFI community responds to Monday’s episode. Financial independence is generally about knowing the rules and making decisions according to what you value in life. Many colleges use an equation to award merit aid –> a specific GPA … Read more

114 | Demystify College Scholarships | Brian Eufinger | Edison Prep

114.How to get College Scholarships

Brian Eufinger, co-founder of Edison Prep, dives deep into the college admissions process. He explains how students should approach grades and test scores to give themselves the best college options. Brian and Silvia Eufinger run a two-person ACT tutoring company in Georgia called Edison Prep. They both do this full time and between the two of them have tutored about 13,000 students, giving them over 40,000 hours of tutoring experience. … Read more

113R | Making your Retirement Plan Bullet Proof | Tanja Hester

113R | Making your Retirement Plan Bullet Proof | Tanja Hester

Tanja Hester retired early 15 months ago and joins the show to share her experience of being work optional, Brad makes a decision about solar panels, and a review of Monday’s episode with Grant Sabatier. Brad shares some updates with his car malfunctions and follows up about his solar panel cost analysis. Brad anticipates a 9.6% return on his solar panel investment, compared to Brian’s 12.5% return in Rhode Island. … Read more

113 | Swing for the Fences | Grant Sabatier

113 | Swing for the Fences | Grant Sabatier

Creator of Millennial Money and author of Financial Freedom, Grant Sabatier, shares his story of unemployment and entrepreneurship, and his strategies for increasing your income and optimizing your finances. In 2010, with a college degree in philosophy Grant had been laid off twice and found himself living at home as 24-year-old. Grant sent out more than 200 resumes without a single callback before he found the information he needed to … Read more

112R | Planned Obsolescence

112R | Planned Obsoleteness

An evaluation of the long-term savings that result from driving old cars, a review of how Naseema McElroy has optimized her finances and reversed lifestyle creep, and a series of voicemails and messages from the ChooseFI community. Planned obsolescence is the idea that a company makes something knowing that you will have to replace it in a relatively short time period. ChooseFI started a new DIY Facebook group to help … Read more

112 | Naseema Financially Intentional | How I paid off 1 million in Debt

112 | Naseema Financially Intentional | How I paid off 1 million in Debt

Naseema McElroy, a registered and practicing nurse and blogger at Financially Intentional, explains how to accumulate $1 million in debt, and how she earned her freedom through financial independence. How does someone accumulate $1 million of debt? Naseema is from West Oakland, Ca., where she was taught to either join the military or go to college. She attended the University of Southern California for both her undergraduate and graduate degree, … Read more

111R | Make the Impossible Possible

111R | Make the Impossible Possible

Jillian from Montana Money Adventures gives advice for laying out roadmap in your life, right after and Brad and Jonathan review Monday’s episode and highlight activities from several local groups around the globe. Brad and Jonathan reflect on last week’s episode with Billy Banholzer. Video Clip of the Week demonstrates grit persistence and the removal of limiting beliefs A video inspires Brad to learn swimming from his daughter. Your current behavior … Read more

111 | The Lost Decade | From Prison to FI | Wealth Well Done

The Lost Decade | From Prison to FI | Wealth Well Done

Billy Banholzer, a writer, entrepreneur, and blogger at Wealth Well Done shares his story of finding freedom in prison, starting over in his 30s and pursuing financial independence despite the setbacks. Billy was given a 10-year prison sentence at 21, just before he was supposed to graduate from college. Life was electric when Billy was using drugs and attending rave concerts – he was living the life he wanted to … Read more