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Brad Barrett and Jordan Grumet ("Doc G") during Live recording of this episode at Econome
In this episode: courage from community, what to do next, overwhelm, finding community, and the evolution of FI.
This episode focused on Military FI covers survivor benefit plans, VA benefits, VSO disability benefits, tax planning, healthcare, and blended retirement systems.
In this episode: public service accounts, side hustles, making FI possible, frugality, giving yourself freedom, and side hustles.
In this episode: Spending down to zero, the ratcheting rule, the guardrails approach, high-fee 401(k)s, and mini-retirements.
In this episode: wants vs needs, side hustles, tax planning, college hacking, travel rewards, mindset, and living your values.
Charitable Giving imagery
Is it better to give to charity in a lump sum versus incrementally? What are the tax implications of donating? What are the benefits of using donor advised funds? This week we answer these questions and more with the help of…
Life Optimization
In this episode: Salesforce, lifestyle design, testimonials and verification, the hidden job market, and talent stacking.
This episode covers caregiving and FI, retirement planning, reverse mortgages, long-term care, and long-term care insurance.
Exercise Machines line art
In this episode: optimized exercise, recovering, machine use, increasing your healthspan, and long-term thinking.
A road path surrounded by trees and gold coins
In this episode: FI in your 20s, the boring middle, compounding, fat FI, compounding, checkpoints, and building a life.
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In this episode: buy and hold, macroeconomics, interest rates, bond investing, when to sell, mindset, and thinking differently.
Line art depicting conversations.
In this episode: the wonderful ChooseFI community shares advice by taking the hot seat through listener voicemails.