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In this episode: inflation, coast FI, early retirement planning, future tax liability, IRA’s and 401k’s, and diversification.
woman tracking personal finance in notebook
In this episode: FI versus FIRE, coast FI, lean FI, tools for FI, the skill of spending, dying with zero, and prioritizing health.
Life Optimization
In this episode: real estate, upskilling, taking action, tracking your expenses, setting goals, getting on the same page, and the hot seat.
Life Optimization
This week, Johnathan re-joined us for our 7th annual year-end-wins episode, where we listen to your voicemails & celebrate your victories from 2023!
Life Optimization
In this episode: community, structuring FI events, unstructured time, the energy in the room, and vulnerability.
Life Optimization
In this episode: finding a sustainable path to FI, adjusting your lifestyle, guac levels, mindset, and finding what you want.
Life Optimization
In this episode: lessons from failure, curiosity, mastering the small things, skilling up, and the value of time.
In this episode: the make-whole mindset, budgeting, grace and space, automation, and splitting it before you get it.
In this episode: frugality, value-based spending, honoring your season, identity, budgets, financial goals, and minimalism.
Life Optimization
In this episode: the power of pursuit, FU money, index investing, investing the difference, and the simple path to wealth.
Life Optimization
In this episode: community, building fun into your life, college planning, fear, following threads, and travel rewards.
College Hacking
In this episode: financial aid, college planning, standardized tests, optional tests, meeting needs, and preparation.