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Top 10 Rebel Lessons and Episodes With Jessica Yox and Travis Howser

After 95 episodes of the show, where do you even start with the Rebel Entrepreneur? In this episode, we are joined by two of our listeners that have listened to every episode of the show so far; Jessica Yox and Travis Howser. They share with us the episodes that have had the biggest impact on them and what they learned. This is going to be a very valuable episode with some of the biggest Rebel lessons funneled into it. Strap in for the top 10 Rebel Countdown!

Risk Avoidance and Deworsification | EP 344

In this week’s episode, Brad and Jonathan discuss how risk avoidance can weigh down your returns in the form of opportunity costs. While your savings may be safe, you could be missing out on opportunities for your money to work on your behalf! Join the guys as they discuss the rule of 72, inflation, and …

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: The First $100

Building a business is a journey. Sometimes it’s a long journey! But when you start to see the fruits of that labor roll in, there is no feeling like it! Andrew shares with us his first earnings on his YouTube channel, plus we discuss CPM payments, A/B testing, and creating powerful content. Your business doesn’t have to be perfect when you launch it, you just need to keep improving it each week!

You will be rejected! With Travis Howser

When you first start your business and launch, you are going to be working towards making sales. You will be rejected, people will say no, and you will be tested. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it! In this episode, we meet Travis Howser from the “Raising Golfers” podcast and hear all about his journey from losing his job during the pandemic, to launching his own business on the other side!

Firing the Haters with Jillian Johnsrud | EP 343

In this week’s episode, Brad and Jonathan are joined for the “many-ith” time by Jillian Johnsrud to discuss her new book, “Fire The Haters.” Together, they dissect some of the themes from Jillian’s book, which leads to discussions about overcoming imposter syndrome, taking action, acknowledging valid feedback, and identifying the difference between procrastination and preparation! …

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Type A Balance: PUSH PUSH PUSH

Gary Vaynerchuk is all about the hustle. We are told by so many sources to push, push, push. Hustle, hustle, hustle. If you are already a type A personality, is this the advice to follow? Do you need balance between your business, job, and family? Does Balance exist and should it be sought after? In this episode Alan and Andrew start with A/B testing, wind there way through giving tough feedback, and eventually get to finding balance for your side-hustle. Even the term has hustle in it!

Teaching Entrepreneurship with Jessica Yox

Are entrepreneurs born or created? If you believe they are created then how do you teach entrepreneurship? What’s the best way to learn business, entrepreneurship, and the startup mindset? In this episode Jessica Yox, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship from Cleveland State University, joins us to talk about running entrepreneurial classes, what the goal of those classes should be, and how we can all learn entrepreneurship. This episode is going to open your eyes to the best way to learn how to become an entrepreneur.

Don’t Let Good Be the Enemy of Great | EP 342

When things are good, is it the right move to settle in place? In this week’s episode, Brad and Jonathan discuss the nature of good, and how things being good is often the biggest obstacle standing in the way of things being great. After all, there is no opportunity for growth if you linger in …

The $2 Million Glamping Experiment with Will Convery & Jessica Yox

The right way to start a business is with a business plan and a loan, right? Meet Will who was on the verge of borrowing $2 million to launch his glamping business before he restructured to run a mini-experiment and test the idea in a different way. Before you launch your business, consider what you are actually building and how much risk you are willing to take on!