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The Rebel Startup Process with Simon Paine

How do you start a business? What’s the best way to get going? Isn’t it different for products and services? Join Simon and Alan as they bring together all the strands of startup from the last two seasons into the definitive guide to the Rebel Startup method. We will run you through the process from idea generation to growth and highlight the different episodes and resources to help you get going. This is the guide to starting a business the Rebel way!

SWOT Analysis for Financial Independence | EP 359

Now that you’ve done your beginning of the year audit, it’s time to look at your finances through the lens of a SWOT analysis! In this week’s episode, Brad and Jonathan examine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may arise as you continue along your FI journey. By getting a strong grasp on the …

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Preparing to Launch

Do you realize how much work it is to launch a business?? You have decided to have a go, you are pumped about the side-hustle, and now the real work starts. Join us as Keith is deep in setting up his food truck, working to get a license, a commissary, and ready for customers. Building a business is a huge undertaking and before you launch yours you need to experience what it really takes alongside someone who is actually doing it. Welcome to the Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series Season 4.

Losing the Family Home

Why do you do what you do? What gets you up in the morning? In this episode Kristy and Bryce of Millennial Revolution takeover the Rebel Entrepreneur and go deep into Alan’s back story. We find out where Alan’s hatred of bullies come from, why Alan is so against debt, and how Alan turned the toughest moments in his life into the driving force behind the Rebel brand. There are certain moments in life that will either tear you into pieces or form you into the person you are today. You get to choose.

Getting Started Audit | EP 358

Welcome to 2022! In this week’s episode, Jonathan and Brad discuss starting your year by doing an audit of your current financial situation to highlight areas in which you can improve! It is critical to know how much you’re taking home in income and what your expenses over the coming year will look like. That …

The Annual Review – Creating Extraordinary in the Coming Year

How do you set up your life and world for the best possible chance of success in the year coming? Happy new year and in this special episode Alan shares the annual review process he uses with Katie (his wife) and the Rebel team to reflect on the year passed and set up the next year for the best possible chance of success. Join Alan as we find out the questions he asks himself, how he thinks about reviewing the year past and using that as the inspiration to build the year coming. Find out what’s coming up in Season 3 and what Patrick the podcast manager and Alan have in store for you! Welcome to the new year!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Getting Permission

You are desperate to dive in and launch. You see an opportunity that you grab with both hands; but have you given yourself enough time? Launching certain businesses can have a huge amount of paperwork attached to it. You need permits, plans, insurance, and more. In this episode we meet Keith half way through his original mini-experiment and find out what he needs to put in place to get going.

The Big End!

Join Alan and the whole Rebel Business School gang for the grand finale of Season 2 and a Christmas special.  We have voicemails from you the listeners, Alan answering questions, and then each and every member of the Rebel Business School team has ideas and tips to help you be successful in 2022.  We are so excited to share this final episode with you!  If you have enjoyed Season 2 you are going to love this, and please take a moment after listening to give us feedback!

2021 Year End Wins | Part 2 | EP 357

In our final episode of 2021, Brad and Jonathan pick up where they left off last week as they continue to listen to your end of year wins! It is truly amazing to hear about all the accomplishments our listeners met in 2021, and we hope you continue to ride that momentum into 2022! Thank …

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: The Risky Experiment

You want to start a business and get going. You’ve got ideas and a dream. You just need to get money to start up. The question is, how much risk are you willing to take on with your new venture? In this episode Alan and Keith explore ways to minimize the risk of starting your business, and help Keith get going with his food truck experiment in Arizona! Can Keith get it off the ground in only two weeks?

Just Publish: The Magic of Putting Yourself Out There

What happens when you come on a Rebel Business School and Alan forces you to build and publish your website by day 3 of the course? Meet Lance who came to the Rebel Business School in Longmont Colorado, and was forced by Alan to publish and launch his own website. The message of the episode: stop thinking and start doing!

2021 Year End Wins | Part 1 | EP 356

Happy Holidays! However, the holidays are not the only reason we are festive around this time of the year. Join Brad and Jonathan as they celebrate your end of the year wins! This episode is dedicated to all the amazing steps our community members have made throughout 2021, and we hope you continue to make …