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Life Optimization
In this episode: FI numbers, financial independence, approaching problems differently, and adjusting spending to accommodate FI.
Life Optimization
In this episode: limiting beliefs, flipping the script, looking for evidence, empowering beliefs, and imposter syndrome.
In this episode: exercise, sleep, nutrition, social relationships, mind body activities, heat and cold exposure.
In this episode: full retirement age, earnings, spousal benefits, survivor benefits, filing for benefits, and the earnings test.
woman tracking personal finance in notebook
In this episode: roth versus traditional IRA, second generation FI, FI and newlyweds, and retirement planning optimization.
Real Estate
In this episode: real estate, lazy landlording, attracting the right tenants, finding ideal situations, and traveling.
In this episode: financial freedom, starting your own business, you can’t sprint forever, buying vs. renting, and investing.
Life Optimization
In this episode: doing everything but not at once, building your extraordinary life, optimizing your time, and what to do after FI.
In this episode: RRTTLU, actual risk, actual return, balancing portfolios, understanding your timeline, taxes, and legal situations.
In this episode: 72t, Roth 401k’s, Roth IRA’s, The Pro Rata Rule, PUQME, HSA’s, Retirement and Education, and Roth Conversions.
In this episode: events, community, travel rewards, medidations, mini-retirements, travel wins, and travel points.
Life Optimization
In this episode: connecting points, the power of FU money, the early retirement era, and enjoying the journey.