What’s Stopping You from Reaching FI? | EP 299

Watch Listen Read What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show It’s ChooseFI’s first live radio show! Recorded live on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm Eastern using an app called Stereo, the live shows will be replayed as the Friday Roundup episode. The topic of this interactive live show is: “What is stopping you from reaching financial […]

Emergency Fund for the Zombie Apocalypse | EP 295

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show This Friday’s episode continues with the theme of looking back at our perspective has changed since the show began. What has changed, have we pivoted, and what do we feel more confident about now than we did then? Last Friday Brad shared the saga of trying to find […]

GameStop: Squeezed to the Max | Brian Feroldi | EP 293

Brian Feroldi What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Wondering what happened with GameStop and confused about what a short squeeze is? The complexity of this kind of trading is far from the simple strategy of buy and hold investing. Even for those who have no plans to jump on bandwagon, it’s good to understand […]

The Complexity in Simplicity at M1 | Brian Barnes | EP 292

Brian Barnes, founder of M1 Finance Watch Listen Read Website:  M1 Finance What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show M1 Finance transformed Jonathan’s ideas about how simple complexity could be and has quickly become his favorite investing platform, especially for taxable accounts. Brian Barnes investing story begins at the age of 10 when his parents […]

If I Could Turn Back Time | EP 291

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show After four years of working on the ChooseFI podcast, Brad and Jonathan want to share their lessons learned, the list of things they might do differently, and highlight a few episodes to re-listen to. Brad is back in the studio after missing out on Episode 290 with Paul […]

Paul Merriman | EP 290

Paul Merriman Website:  Paulmerriman.com What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Does your portfolio own enough of the companies that carry a lot of the growth over extended periods of time? When you buy index funds, you aren’t as diversified as you think you are. Cap weighted index funds mean you are buying a lot […]

Beginning of a New Era | EP 285

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show 2021 kicks off the fifth year of the ChooseFI podcast. Despite being at different points in their own financial journeys, Brad and Jonathan have experienced the benefit of incremental growth with both their finances and self-improvement. While it may seem simple and even mediocre, they are living amazing […]

What is The Simple Path to Wealth? | JL Collins | EP 284

A Revisit With JL Collins Watch Listen Read Website:  JLCollinsnh.com Book: The Simple Path to Wealth What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show When it comes to investing strategies, one of the most influential books available says that if you keep it simple, you’ll actually do better. Here to talk about the philosophy behind his […]

Gauging the Weight of Your Portfolio | EP 277

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Setting up your financial life includes updating your investor policy statement and examining the rationale for equal weighting inside your index funds. Brad is giving his physical fitness a boost in December with a month-long burpee challenge. A full-body exercise that can be done quickly at home without […]

5 Critical Items You Need On Your Year-End Financial Checklist

When your goal is Financial Independence, you watch your spending and saving very carefully all year. But that doesn’t diminish the need for a year-end financial checklist. On that checklist are things that you should do at the end of every single calendar year to make sure your finances are in the best shape possible […]