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What’s In Your Index Fund? | Katie & Alan Donegan | Ep 412

In this episode; global funds, it’s not doctrine, index funds, VTSAX, what is in index funds, and the opposite of active investing.

If you’ve been in the FI community for a while now, you’ve probably at one point have heard of index Funds. However, whether you are familiar with this concept of investing, have invested in index funds, or are unfamiliar entirely, you may not necessarily know the mechanics and specifics of what certain types of index funds can actually do for you on your FI journey. This week we are rejoined by Alan and Katie Donegan, co-founders of The Rebel Finance School, to dive into the topic of index funds. Together, we discuss the differences between certain types of index funds, fee structures and returns, self-regulating funds, as well as break-down the benefits of what certain types of index funds can provide for you regardless of market and economic fluctuations! While we are not giving direct financial advice on what to invest in, this week’s episode is meant as a resource to our listeners who may be curious to learn more about index funds and passive investing! 

Katie & Alan Donegan:


  • 4:11 – Introductions
  • 5:13 – What Is In Index Funds
  • 11:19 – Global Funds
  • 21:54 – It’s Not Doctrine, Don’t Get Bogged Down In The Details
  • 25:50 – Am I Getting What I Want When I Invest? Should I Be Concerned?
  • 35:14 – The Opposite Of An Active Investor
  • 45:09 – Is Cap-Weighting The Only Way To Run Index Funds?
  • 52:50 – Is There A Future Where Passive Investing Isn’t A Good Option?
  • 57:46 – Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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