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How to Make FI More Inclusive | With Chris Browning of Popcorn Finance | Ep 216

Brad and Jonathan have a discussion with Chris Browning on systemic racism and how the FI community can be more inclusive.

There’s a difference between saying that I personally am not discriminating against anyone, versus I am actively speaking out against situations where I see others discriminated against…. I’m not even saying it’s easy. Cause I mean, there’s been situations where I’ve seen things that I thought were wrong and you just don’t feel the courage to do it. You don’t feel strong enough.

– Chris Browning

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What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show

  • Chris shares his personal perspective on growing up as a black man in America.
  • He reflects on how systemic racism has made it harder for the black community to discover and pursue FI.
  • He then shares several ways we in the FI community can help, including:
    • doing the easier things like being inclusive of people from other races.
    • doing the harder things that require more courage, like standing up and being anti-racist.
    • amplifying the message of finance experts in the African-American community (see “Chris’ list …” below).
    • voting with your dollars (see “Resources Mentioned …” below) or your ballot.

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Conversation

Chris’ list of African-American Finance Experts

Other Strong Black Voices on ChooseFI:

Helpful Books

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