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Your Self-Worth is Not Your Net Worth | Audrey Bellis | Ep 215


In Today’s Episode

Audrey Bellis

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  • Audrey’s Email: hello @ audreybellis.com

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show

  • It’s a difficult time for the country and the world right now. But Audrey Bellis, our second in our case study series, is making the most out of a difficult situation with the pandemic.
  • With the new work-from-home norm, she has mapped out a way to save $2,600 a month in rent and childcare by moving 45 minutes away from Downtown LA to her parents’ neighborhood.
  • That’s not her only FI win. She also learned that HUCA can save you a lot of money in fees, interests, and subscription costs. What is HUCA? Hang up and call again! Audrey kept trying different customer service representatives for her banks and service providers until she found someone who would help her out.

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