172|The Creative Penn

172 | The Creative Penn | Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn shares her story of building multiple income streams and becoming a writer. She outlines how anyone with the passion to be creative can do the same. Joanna did not simply quit her job after deciding to write a book. In fact, she resigned from her career several times in order to start new businesses. She compared the process of discovering what she wanted to do to the process … Read more

171|Flexible Spending Rules For Early Retirees

Flexible Spending Rules For Early Retirees

Micheal Kitces joins the show to share his research on flexible spending rules as they apply to Financial Independence. His call for flexibility could impact your path to FI by several years. Micheal has worked with countless retirees to build plans that allow them to spend their nest egg without running out of funding. In too many cases, he has seen retirees find themselves earning wages due to a successful … Read more

170R |A Capital Gains Case Study For 2020

You’ll learn more about the implications of capital gains and the mechanics of tax optimization for these gains. With two case studies, you’ll start to realize the power of optimizing your capital gains strategy. On Monday, we saw the biggest daily drop in the DOW in history. With the extreme volatility in the market, it can be difficult to stick to your investment plans. However, for people in the accumulation … Read more

The Simple Startup | 170

170 | The Simple Startup

Rob Phelan, author of The Simple Startup joins the show to share more about this new resource that can help anyone learn how to build a business. Plus, he shares the path of creating a financial literacy course for all grade levels that brings in the concepts of Financial Independence. Rob started to learn more about Financial Independence after marrying his wife in 2016. Although they both have careers in … Read more

169R | Prepared, Not Scared

With a week of market scares, this episode revisits the importance of being prepared, not scared. Plus, you’ll hear about some exciting announcements from the ChooseFI community. With the market drop of 12% this past week, it is easy to panic. However, periodic drops in the market are completely normal. This is not the first time the market has dropped and it will not be the last. Instead of panicking … Read more

169| A Purple Life | Early Retiree Case Study

169 | A Purple Life | Early Retiree Case Study

The anonymous blogger behind, A Purple Life, shares her journey to Financial Independence. With the helpfulness of anonymity, she shares exact numbers including her income, salary negotiations, expenses, and more. A Purple Life opens up about the exact finances on her journey to FI. She set an ambitious goal to retire in 2020. That dream is becoming a reality. She shares the exact details of her budget and how domestic … Read more

168R | Prioritizing Your Priorities

Prioritizing Your Priorities

With the principles outlined in Make Time, you have the potential to dramatically improve your life in a short period of time. Plus, hear an inspiring FI story and tips for teachers. Jonathan used the principles in Make Time to make big changes to his lifestyle. After building out an ideal day, he was able to start implementing a schedule that works better for his life and family. Brad took the lessons learned … Read more

168| Make Time

168 Make Time John Zeratzky

John Zeratsky, author of Make Time, joins Brad and Jonathan to share actionable tips to build a framework that cuts through your perpetual state of busyness. John Zeratsky joins the show to discuss the principles in his new book, Make Time.  The book outlines strategies to make time in your life for the things that matter to you most. John shares his insights on these frameworks. The framework is a four-step thought … Read more

167R | Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

167R | Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

Dropping mortgage rates prompt a conversation that explores the pros and cons of refinancing your mortgage at a lower rate. Plus, Steve Chen from NewRetirement joins the show to share the comprehensive retirement planning tools that his company has to offer. Jonathan was able to lower the interest rate attached to his mortgage by a full percentage point. By locking in that lower rate, he will save hundreds of dollars … Read more

167 | Learn Hustle Grow

Learn Hustle Grow

Rob and Reshawn from Learn Hustle Grow discuss combining their finances and building a real estate portfolio. Money Mindsets Rob and Reshawn came from similar backgrounds with teenage single mothers. However, they developed very different opinions about money. Rob’s Journey Rob grew up poor and found his way out of a bad situation through the military. He joined the Marines as soon as he graduated high school. In fact, he … Read more