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Get Started On The Path to Financial Independence | Ep 001

Welcome to the first ever ChooseFI podcast episode. Jonathan and Brad lay out their mission and goal for this podcast and this community. Over the years, this podcast has reached millions of listeners around the world and this is the episode that started it all.

Why does this Podcast Exist?

  • This is a finance podcast by the FI community and for the FI community
  • We want to build a hub for the entire Financial Independence community
  • Experiments in Financial Independence: Battle test ideas and see what works
  • The “Dream” has been twisted into a mangled consumption fueled hamster wheel.  Let’s reclaim it
  • Take control back in your life
  • How Jonathan took on massive ($168k) student loan debt to go to pharmacy school
  • Jonathan’s 14 year journey feels like a “hamster wheel” of debt just to get back to $0 net worth
  • What are the skills you can learn for free (or close) to earn and invest in a smarter way?

Join us  for weekly motivation, inspiration, and action broken down into bite-size pieces

  • Build a finance podcast that’s accessible and document our experiments so everyone can see every step of the way
  • What steps do you need to take to gain financial independence?
  • How do you find what you love and scale that to work for you?
  • Passive income from multiple sources: Put the work in upfront, systematize it and scale it.
  • Learning new things and expanding horizons can lead to a bright future
  • Having control over your life is priceless and FI can give you that
  • Information sources like finance podcast and books are essential to give you new ideas and tips
  • You have to start learning new skills to help you in the future. Get off the couch.
  • Build a skill set where you’re in the top 20% of a lot of skills and put random things together
  • Experiment List for 2017: We need your input!

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