Is The Retirement Saver's Credit Worth It In 2020? | Ep 213

In Today's Episode What You'll Get Out Of Today's Show Memorial Day – Cooking with ChooseFI recipes. Enjoy some “FI-ne Dining” while saving in the process. Retirement Savers Credit – The guys detail this little known tax credit. Tax credits v tax deductions AND refunded v non-refundable credit. Sean mentioned this on is live: With the larger standard deduction, this may benefit a very specific individual or household, but hey,

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Case Study Series

Kicking off our FI Case Study Series | Kashia Palmer | Ep 212

In Today's Episode What You'll Get Out Of Today's Show One of the biggest things holding people back from getting started on FI is the fear of putting down all their financial obligations and living expenses on a sheet and finally seeing what their lives costs. Kashia had the same anxiety, but the desire to get her family's finances in order helped her push past that fear. The top three

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The financial mechanic

How to Negotiate Your Salary Without Burning Bridges | Financial Mechanic | Ep 211

Download Jessica's 7 Negotiation Tips & Script Template here Jessica, The Financial Mechanic, shares how she created a ten-year path to financial independence through a career shift and salary negotiations. Jessica earned a degree in mechanical engineering but pivoted into the software engineering field. She says that it is possible for anyone with a willingness to learn to break into the software engineering field. In fact, many of her peers

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Little known roth hacks

Little Known Roth Hacks | Ep 210

In Today's Episode Distributions from Roth 401(k)s are NOT the same as distributions from Roth IRAs. With Roth IRAs, contributions come out first tax and penalty free. With Roth 401(k)s, distributions are subject to the so-called “cream-in-the-coffee” rule – all distributions take out contributions and earnings (which is bad news – the earnings piece is taxable and likely subject to the 10% penalty). As a practical matter, the employer may

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When the paycheck stops part 2

What To Do When The Paycheck Stops With Fritz Gilbert Part 2 | Ep 209

In Today's Episode Fritz Gilbert Discusses Investing During Retirement The Retirement Manifesto What You'll Get Out Of Today's Show How to use the bucket strategy to go from accumulation to withdrawal in retirement. How to handle large expenses, such as buying a car, during retirement. Asset allocation and rebalancing strategy as you approach retirement. Avoiding sequence of return risk after retirement. Using taxable account and tax-advantaged accounts as your approaching

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There Is No Failing With FI

There Is No Failing With FI | 208

Bianca shares her story of financial resiliency. As a flight attendant, she reached Financial Independence in her late 30’s after many bumps in the road. Bianca made the choice to become a flight attendant after deciding that a career in education wasn’t for her. After a friend suggested the career path, she applied to three companies and landed at an incredible opportunity. After a few weeks of flight training, she

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