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104R | Travel Rewards | End of Year Planning

An update from Marla Taner on 2018’s best travel reward options, a hack for keeping your bills low, a review of Monday’s episode with Doc G.
  • Jonathan tries out a new service to ensure that his bills are staying low.
  • says they will call your service providers for you and negotiate lower rates. You pay them 1/2 of what they save you the first year. Jonathan will report back how it goes. He has tasked them with lowering his Verizon internet bill
  • How can someone balance simplicity, and a willingness to say yes to opportunities?
  • Review of Monday’s episode: Purpose, Identity and Connection.
  • Finding your identity – the story you tell yourself, about yourself – is crucial to finding your space in the world.
  • Why was Brad was given singing lessons as a gift from a couple at Chautauqua?
  • Marla Taner joins the show to update about travel rewards:
    • She’s traveling to Hawaii for New Years with 9 friends.
    • Flight reward deals are not as good during Christmas, but hotels are usually consistent.
    • What is the Southwest Companion Pass and what is the strategy to get it?
      • Earn the ability to bring someone with you for free on every Southwest flight for up to 2 years.
      • Must earn 110,000 Southwest rewards points in one calendar year.
      • Current strategy:
        • Southwest’s Business card comes with 60k points.
        • Southwest’s Personal card comes with 40k points.
    • Southwest has good sales on right now.
    • What does it take to apply for a business card?
    • Barclay Arrival Plus – Marla’s recommendation for beginners.
    • Capital One Venture card has added a transferrable-points feature.
    • Don’t overspend, look for opportunities to front-load some of your normal expenses to hit minimum spends (i.e., utility bills, or internet, grocery gift cards).
    • Marla is joining Tim and Amy Rutherford from ChooseFI Episode 79 in Tempe, AZ for a few days. Want to join?
    • Best way to connect with Marla, Tim and Amy is via the Go With Less blog.
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