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082 | A Wife’s Perspective | Laura And Dani

Brad and Jonathan’s wives, Laura and Dani (respectively), talk about their introduction to FI, combining finances, budgeting with children, and maintaining balance.

  • How did Dani and Laura approach saving before meeting Jonathan?
  • How did Laura’s parents change careers to improve their financial status?
  • How was growing up in Zimbabwe different from a typical American upbringing?
  • What did saving money mean to Dani when she started working?
  • How did Dani respond to Jonathan’s initial proposal to combine finances?
  • When and how did Brad and Laura merge finances?
  • What does a typical day in Dani and Laura’s lives look like?
  • How does “busy” look different from when Dani and Laura were working full-time jobs?
  • Are kids expensive?
  • How do Laura and Dani budget with the extra and unexpected costs of children?
  • What is a “Buy Nothing” group?
  • How does Laura advance purchase things for her children?
  • Do Brad and Laura give their children many choices?
  • How do Brad and Laura create space in their lives to not be consumed by FI?
  • By saving money on unnecessary expenses, Brad and Laura can be generous and unconcerned with some of the smaller expenses that come up in life.
  • How does the 72-hour-rule, introduced by the Frugalwoods, make a difference for Dani and Jonathan?
  • How did Laura and Dani respond when Brad and Jonathan decided to leave their jobs and start ChooseFI?
  • Does the pursuit of FI ever get too intense?
  • How do Dani and Laura plan their meals and prepare ahead of time?

Listen to Brad and Jonathan’s thoughts about this episode here.


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A Wife's Perspective | Laura and Dani


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