082 _ A Wife's Perspective (1)

082 | A Wife’s Perspective | Laura And Dani

Brad and Jonathan’s wives, Laura and Dani (respectively), talk about their introduction to FI, combining finances, budgeting with children, and maintaining balance.

  • How did Dani and Laura approach saving before meeting Jonathan?
  • How did Laura’s parents change careers to improve their financial status?
  • How was growing up in Zimbabwe different from a typical American upbringing?
  • What did saving money mean to Dani when she started working?
  • How did Dani respond to Jonathan’s initial proposal to combine finances?
  • When and how did Brad and Laura merge finances?
  • What does a typical day in Dani and Laura’s lives look like?
  • How does “busy” look different from when Dani and Laura were working full-time jobs?
  • Are kids expensive?
  • How do Laura and Dani budget with the extra and unexpected costs of children?
  • What is a “Buy Nothing” group?
  • How does Laura advance purchase things for her children?
  • Do Brad and Laura give their children many choices?
  • How do Brad and Laura create space in their lives to not be consumed by FI?
  • By saving money on unnecessary expenses, Brad and Laura can be generous and unconcerned with some of the smaller expenses that come up in life.
  • How does the 72-hour-rule, introduced by the Frugalwoods, make a difference for Dani and Jonathan?
  • How did Laura and Dani respond when Brad and Jonathan decided to leave their jobs and start ChooseFI?
  • Does the pursuit of FI ever get too intense?
  • How do Dani and Laura plan their meals and prepare ahead of time?

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Listen to Brad and Jonathan's thoughts about this episode here.


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A Wife's Perspective | Laura and Dani


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5 thoughts on “082 | A Wife’s Perspective | Laura And Dani”

  1. Thank you Laura and Dani for sharing your stories on the podcast. I could relate to Laura shopping ahead for children’s clothing and shoes. Also, I share her mindset of not taking the children shopping. I believe the secret to spending less when you have children is that if you don’t give them a choice (like with the sneakers), they don’t realize that there ever was a choice. Also limiting television has significantly decreased the “get me, give me” drive in my children. If they don’t see advertisements and I don’t take them to the store with me, they don’t even know what they are “missing.” I loved what Dani said about gifting others. I feel the same way. When my children are done with clothing, toys, etc, I always try to find someone in my neighborhood who could use the item if it is still in good shape. I’m known for taking things to the school bus stop and asking if anyone wants/needs them. My neighbors also do this with each other (I have the oldest kids so there’s nothing for me to take). Laura and Dani you are the driving forces of your family finances and the little decisions you make on a daily basis have a huge impact on your FI journey. Thanks for “lending” out to your husbands to Choose FI.

  2. Hey Guys _ quick note on the SWA companion pass.

    My wife is my companion and and we have a lap carrier infant as well (the baby has flown 4 times for free and she’s only 9 months old)
    We just show up at the airport with the Birth Certificate, and they add the baby to my wife’s ticket. At the airport, a ticket is a ticket, and no one even knows are cares that 2 of the 3 of us were flying for free….So although southwest will help, there is no need (from my experience) to take those steps.

    Most recent Trip:
    We also used the Cap 1 venture for our rental car and Chase ultimate rewards for our Hyatt place in Charleston SC…So Pretty much I owe you guys, what at least $1,000?


  3. I liked the list of things Laura doesn’t spend money on (home decor, electronics, etc) to make room in the bank account for extra art classes for the kids. Would you consider doing an episode on “things we don’t spend money on”?

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