064R _ Board games

064R | Board Games

Brad and Jonathan discuss plans for Chautauqua, board game recommendations and a question from Michael about travel rewards.

What you’ll hear on today’s show:

  • Brad’s frugal wins of the week
  • Jonathan’s grocery tracking
  • Warren Buffett’s Annual Report takeaways
  • Future episode teaser on actively managed funds
  • How FI is all about the journey and not the destination
  • Plans for Chautauqua.  Listen to the full episode about Chautauqua here.
  • Message from Sebastian about Chautauqua
  • New on the following Friday roundups
  • Message from Luke about board games
  • Jonathan board games recommendations
  • Question from Michael about travel rewards
  • Introduction of an index page on ChooseFI website
  • Message from Olga about crowd-sourcing Geo-arbitrage
  • iTunes review and book giveaway


Links from the show:


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12 thoughts on “064R | Board Games”

  1. Hey Brad-
    Your family is not unique in watching Survivor! Our family has Friday fun night and we watch the newest Survivor (and/or Amazing Race) together. Since we don’t have cable or a DVR, I had originally thought we would need to subscribe to CBS All Access. But we discovered, many of the newest CBS episodes are available on the regular CBS app for viewing. Using the CBS app and a Google Chromecast, we are able to project Survivor on our TV for free on our Friday fun night!

  2. Meat is expensive. Eggs are basically free. Looking to kill a grocery budget, substitute eggs for meat. Or better yet, substitute rice and beans/lentils.

    Board games are fantastic! My favorites at the moment are: Ricochet Robots, Medici, For Sale, Coloretto, Splendor, Century Spice Road, Telestrations, Codenames.

    I think I’m going to make the trek to Omaha this year. How do I meet up with you Brad? I guess I need to sign up for a Facebook account, then get access to the Choose FI group, then look up details?

  3. Hi guys, I saw I was getting a few clicks from here so I came to check out why. I think the readers will be disappointed if they click through to my site and discover that the closest thing to Hawaiian surfing lessons I can provide is cringing at the waters of the Potomac ? That is, you linked to my site and not Doug’s in the show notes.

    In other news, I didn’t realize there would be board games at CampFI Mid-Atlantic! I’m even more excited now. I have a new one about a zombie apocalypse – I might have to bring it.

  4. Hey Brad and Jonathan:

    With respect to Jonathan’s idea about crowd sourcing geo-arbitrage within the FI crowd, check this out: https://www.theearthawaits.com/

    It was put together by a the frugal vagabond, and it provides much of the functionality that you envisaged.

    Love the show!


  5. We have substantially cut the cost of eating meat by purchasing in bulk. About 3 years ago we went to a farmers market and bought a whole (processed) cow. We split it 4 ways with some friends and paid ~$900 for a quarter of a cow which is between ~200lbs and 300 lbs. While that might seem like a large outflow you can average $4-$5/lbs and if you portion your meals right, that should last you pretty close to a year. The last cow we bought, lasted my family of 3 ~10 months.
    Additionally you get a wide variety of cuts. Everything from ground beef to all different types of steaks, stew meat, bones (which can be put into the Instapot to make beef stock for soup) ect. You really get it all with hardly anything going to waste. The best part is it is all fresh, grassfed beef that hasnt been force fed corn and antibiotics to bulk up, but that is a rant for a different story.
    The only other cost incurred was the stand up freezer for our garage which we got on Craigslist for ~$100 to store it all.

  6. Man! I wish I still lived in Omaha. Just moved away 3 years ago. I had been to every BRK meeting prior to that since 2008. I would love to meet up with all you guys in the second best place to meet (Chautagua or camp FI being the first). If I was still there I would open my home up to all you guys. You will love it there. It is so much fun. I first went as an Investment student at UNO and loved it so much I bought some B shares just to go to the meetings. Didn’t care about the potential increase in share value, although it has gone up about 300% now. Last time I went in 2015 we sat just 3 rows from the front with some other friends that get there super early and saved us a couple seats. That was awesome. I am looking forward to getting back there after I make more progress on my FI path.

  7. Love the discussion about board games in this episode! My wife and I love to play them as well as collect them. We have several board games that date back to the 60s and 70s, but we also like the new modern stuff coming out. Pandemic is a great collaboration game, and I personally love the US map Ticket to Ride. I would recommend getting a few of the expansion map packs for TTR, especially the United Kingdom map – very cool! Get a group of like-minded people together for a once-a-week gaming sessions, it’s a great way to have a lot of fun without breaking the bank.

    We have a VERY large collection of games. Your 40 games for us is “a good start”. LOL

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