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064R | Board Games

Brad and Jonathan discuss plans for Chautauqua, board game recommendations and a question from Michael about travel rewards.

What you’ll hear on today’s show:

  • Brad’s frugal wins of the week
  • Jonathan’s grocery tracking
  • Warren Buffett’s Annual Report takeaways
  • Future episode teaser on actively managed funds
  • How FI is all about the journey and not the destination
  • Plans for Chautauqua.  Listen to the full episode about Chautauqua here.
  • Message from Sebastian about Chautauqua
  • New on the following Friday roundups
  • Message from Luke about board games
  • Jonathan board games recommendations
  • Question from Michael about travel rewards
  • Introduction of an index page on ChooseFI website
  • Message from Olga about crowd-sourcing Geo-arbitrage
  • iTunes review and book giveaway


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As Jonathan would say, “The FIRE is spreading my friends!”

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