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Functionality with Numbers | Ep 384

In this episode: functionality with numbers, the rule of 72, decision making, free roles, and tilting the odds in your favor!

Setting yourself up for success is one of the FI community’s main ideals, but what is the best way to go about doing that? Well, to put it simply, math. While the mention of math may be enough to put some people off entirely, what if we told you basic math could be enough to prime yourself up for success? Simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division when applied right can have a huge impact on your personal finances! Listen along and see if there are any ways you could apply basic math into your own decision making going forward!


  • 1:00 – Introduction and Functional Numbers
  • 2:47 – Rule of 72
  • 7:44 – Math is Rad!
  • 11:27 – Math and Opportunity Costs
  • 18:38 – Decision Making
  • 26:03 – Free Roles
  • 33:54 – Credit Card Costs
  • 39:52 – Hunting for Win-Wins
  • 44:39 – Conclusion

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