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Mindful FIRE | Adam Coelho | Ep 420

In this episode: mindfulness, removing judgment, thoughts creating reality, envisioning, awareness, and the hot seat.

Often on our show, we like to remind listeners that achieving FI isn’t an end all be all to one’s problems and that reaching financial independence doesn’t automatically equate to happiness. An important part of the journey is the work you do inward along the way, and this week we are tackling what that can look like. This week we are joined by coach and host of Mindful Fire podcast, Adam Coelho, to discuss the important link between mindfulness and FI, and the power our brains have to envision the life we want, and put dreams into action. Taking the time to be aware of your thoughts and feelings can be an effective tool. It will keep you centered and allow you to be open to experiences you might not have thought were achievable. So whether you are familiar with mindfulness practices or are curious about where to begin, allow this episode to serve as a resource to begin or strengthen your practice! 

Adam Coelho:


  • 1:56 – Introduction
  • 4:33 -The Definition Of Mindfulness/Removing Judgement
  • 12:08 – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality
  • 19:08 – Gateways To Meditation/Awareness
  • 27:56 – The Science Of Mindfulness
  • 35:50 – Envisioning
  • 40:25 – It’s Not Out There, It’s In Here
  • 49:27 – Mindfulness And FI
  • 52:44 – Adam’s Google Story
  • 58:21 – Adam Takes The Hot Seat
  • 76:06 – Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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