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Travel Rewards Refresher 2022 | Lyn Mettler| Ep 393

In this episode: Travel Rewards, Credit Cards, and The Value of Rewards Points.

We all know that it can be expensive to travel, and sometimes the joy and excitement of taking that long-awaited family vacation can be overshadowed by the cost of taking the trip. But what if there was a more efficient way to travel that doesn’t feel like you are breaking the bank? Well, with planning and the right tools this is entirely possible! This week we are once again joined by Lyn Mettler who will discuss maximizing your spending in a way that does not deprive you, but rather rewards you!

Lyn Mettler:

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  • 1:30 – Introduction
  • 3:50 – Credit Cards
  • 7:50 – The Value of Points
  • 16:53 – Two-Player Mode and The 5-24 Rule
  • 20:35 – Where to Start With Travel Rewards
  • 25:03 – Limitations and Strategy
  • 31:33 – Why This Works With FI
  • 33:31 – The State of Travel Part 1
  • 37:15 – Award Charts and Wiggle Room
  • 41:28 – Points and Hotels
  • 48:25 – The State of Travel Part 2
  • 50:31 – The Booking Order
  • 58:44 – Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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