Eat Healthy and Save Money with Laura Barrett Cookbook

Welcome to my collection of favorite recipes! I have curated this list over the past decade and these are the ones we consistently come back to as our favorites. I love these recipes because they help me cook efficiently and affordably, while keeping my family healthy and satisfied.

Every healthy and yummy meal has been handpicked by me to:

1. Slash your food bill. Every recipe is no more than $2 per serving.

2. Turn anyone into a home cook, because each one is so darn easy to make.

3. Create instant planovers just by doubling or tripling the ingredients. Cook once, eat for days!

While I absolutely love to cook, I don’t love doing it every day. These recipes are great because most of them make enough for 2-3 nights for a family. This allows me to enjoy cooking a few nights a week and get some time off from the kitchen the remainder of the week.

Cooking at home allows us to eat healthier, save money (how can you beat $2 per serving for dinner!), enjoy time together at home as a family, and on busy nights, pull leftovers out of the refrigerator when we are all going in different directions.

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