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FI Weekly – October 20, 2020

This is Brad, co-host of the ChooseFI podcast. Each week I share ideas to ponder, inspire, and motivate you on your own journey to FI. What I’m Listening to This Week: Part 1 I was introduced to Naval Ravikant 5+ years ago on the Tim Ferriss podcast Episode 97 and was blown-away by the depth of his thinking. I was excited to see him pop up as a guest on Episode 473 of Tim’s show this week. Here’ a quote that jumped out to me: “Long term thinking gets you long term results… if you can just adopt long-term thinking

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FI Weekly – August 04, 2020

The Value of Blank Space We talk on the podcast about the value of blank space on our calendars – what we affectionately call the “Red X Month.” Take a red marker and draw a huge “X” over an entire month and plan nothing during that time. While I’m incredibly fortunate to truly take that time away from everything, I think this concept of blank space is valuable for everyone reading this. Start small and plan a week with no meetings or pre-planned events. Learn to say “no” to things, even when it’s difficult. Build this muscle and experience the

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FI Weekly – August 11, 2020

Finding Little Moments of Joy While on vacation, I’ve been thinking about searching out moments of joy more frequently in daily life — even if only in bite-sized chunks. Last night I watched a viral video of two twin brothers listening to Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” for the first time. The pure joy and surprise on their faces when the famous drum solo hit was incredible to watch. It got me thinking about the enjoyment I get from listening to music and how infrequently I go back and listen to my favorites. Then I remembered two of my favorite YouTube

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FI Weekly – August 18, 2020

Words to Live By: Jerzy Gregorek Edition I’ve often mentioned Jerzy Gregorek’s masterful “Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life” quote, as I think it is a framework for long-term success in FI and in life. Possibly even more profound is this from Jerzy: “Try to be around people who don’t do three things. They are not sarcastic. They don’t complain and they don’t blame.” If you sit back and listen, you’ll find these ‘three killers of happiness’ make up 80%+ of everyday conversation. I challenge you to personally stop this madness and also cut out the people in your life perpetuating this

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FI Weekly – August 25, 2020

Focus on Simplifying I’m a part of a mastermind group that ChooseFI podcast guest Dominick Quartuccio runs, and we’re currently focusing on simplifying our lives. I singled out my tendency to “just quickly check email and Facebook” as a constant low-level stress in my life, and then set out to fix it. I very simply took a sheet of paper and wrote “Times Checked Email/FB” on it and wrote the days of the week down the page. This paper sits next to my keyboard and every time I check my email accounts and FB I jot down a tick mark to keep

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FI Weekly – September 01, 2020

What I’m Listening To In my self-improvement journey, increasing the quality and quantity of my sleep has arguably been the single most important factor. I’m obsessive about my sleep! Dr. Peter Attia’s podcast ‘The Drive’ is a must-listen, and in Episode 126 he had Matthew Walker, Ph.D., author of Why We Sleep, on the show to discuss immune function and sleep and they passed along 5 actionable tips to improve the quality of your sleep: Regularity: going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time every day. Darkness at night:I personally bought blackout shades for my windows (here are

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FI Weekly – September 08, 2020

Next Generation Financial Independence Doug Nordman and Carol Pittner’s book “Raising Your Money-Savvy Family For Next Generation Financial Independence” is available today! This is a MUST-read book to help teach financial literacy and financial independence. I love the format, as they wrote it from both the perspective of parent and child. I picked up a lot of tips we’re using with our own kids! You can find all buying options at or:o orBuy it on Amazon What I’m Struggling With I have fallen out of my exercise routine and I’m struggling to get back in the groove. My wife Laura challenged

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FI Weekly – September 15, 2020

Making the Best of a Difficult Situation My daughters started virtual school last week and the care and effort the teachers put in to make this a “real” school year is astonishing! Nothing is ever perfect and there have been some minor hiccups, but it was a great week. The attitude and mentality you approach a situation with generally dictates your outcome. Laura and I could have infected the kids with negativity and complaints about this less than perfect situation. Instead, we chose to focus on the positives and asked a variation of: “What if the worst thing that ever

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FI Weekly – September 22, 2020

Back to Basics: The Impact of Fees Following our theme on the podcast of ‘Back to Basics’ I wanted to quickly touch on the impact of fees on your investments. This illustrates why we believe in low-cost index funds so strongly. From Vanguard’s site: “Imagine you have $100,000 invested. If the account earned 6% a year for the next 25 years and had no costs or fees, you’d end up with about $430,000. If, on the other hand, you paid 2% a year in costs, after 25 years you’d only have about $260,000. That’s right: The 2% you paid every

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FI Weekly – September 29, 2020

My Fail of the Week: Last Week’s Email Communication is all about getting your point across, and last week I had a colossal fail when talking about Amazon Smile. There was a lackluster response, which means I did a terrible job of communicating and that’s 100% on me. This is important, so here’s attempt #2: Do you shop at Of course you do. Here’s a way to do something good while shopping at the internet behemoth: Simply go to first and then shop like normal at Amazon. You get the exact same low prices and Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase

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FI Weekly – October 6, 2020

As part of the “take action” credo at ChooseFI, we always advise you to get new quotes on your car and home insurance each year. You’ll be shocked at how much you can potentially save just by going to a different insurance company. I’d always start with traditional carriers like Geico, State Farm, and Allstate to get a baseline, but two companies just were introduced to me that are disrupting the insurance industry in unique ways: Metromile: My car is a large paperweight right now, so paying for car insurance based on how many miles I drive is really appealing! Ed,

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FI Weekly – October 13, 2020

What Have you Splurged on Recently? We talk a lot about cutting expenses at ChooseFI and while there’s room in most budgets for cutting wasteful spending, the path to FI is decidedly NOT about deprivation. It’s about finding what you truly value in life and putting your time, energy, and resources into those things. I think this is critical, and to prove this point I’ll share a recent expensive purchase we made based around value: We bought a Concept2 rowing machine for our home gym for around $900. I agonized over this purchase at first, because my frugal nature is

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