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058 | Annual CFP Roundtable 2017 | Kyle Mast and Danny Kenny

A roundtable discussion with two CFPs, Kyle Mast and Danny Kenny, on what financial planning looks like in practice, the importance of talking to a CFP and managing different types of risk.

On today’s episode we cover:

  • Roundtable Q&A with two Certified Financial Planners
  • Kyle and Danny’s backstory
  • How they learned about FI
  • Why you should use the services of a CFP
  • How they act as an educator and therapist between spouses
  • What financial planning looks like in practice
  • The different CFP models
  • Why everyone should talk to a CFP
  • How to find a CFP
  • Why it is important that your CFP is a fiduciary and how to make sure
  • The changes with the new tax bill
  • The steps between the accumulation and draw-down phase
  • Biggest mistakes clients make
  • How to get both spouses on the same page
  • The importance of keeping records
  • How to deal with people who panic
  • Risk management outside of investments
  • Why it’s worth getting long term disability insurance
  • When should someone consider index funds
  • Importance of mixing US and international investments
  • Hotseat questions


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