150 | Accountability | Diania Merriam


Diania Merriam discusses accountability, shifting perspectives, and community. She has a great perspective on building community and life with balance. Diania’s Money Story At an early point in Diania’s life, she aspired to be the highest-paid female CEO. Since then, she has realized this is no longer her goal. It was a reflection of her belief that status was critically important. You just kinda feel like you’ll figure it out … Read more

149 | On Trajectory With Tyson Koska

tyson on trajectory

Tyson Koska shares his On Trajectory tool and what led him to his own path of Financial Independence. They discuss how Tyson got started with FI and how On Trajectory tools cover net worth tracking and digital options. Tyson’s Story Brad and Jonathan had heard about Tyson from many members in the FI community. His tool, On Trajectory, is a comprehensive way to digitally track your net worth. He had … Read more

148 | Struggle | The Psychology Of Poverty With Andréa Motenko

Andréa Motenko grew up with food and housing insecurity. She’s on the show discussing the psychology of poverty and how it allows us to be resilient and push forward through adversity. Andréa has committed her life to social studies and taking FI information to people experiencing poverty. Andréa’s Position Andréa is uniquely positioned to bring information to people in poverty because she grew up in a similar situation. She is … Read more

146 | Embrace The Suck With Shannyn Allan

Embrace The Suck With Shannyn Allan

Shannyn Allan joins us to discuss “embracing the suck”–when life just doesn’t go as planned. Shannyn’s Story Shannyn’s money story starts when she was a broke graduate student in Chicago. She had started a blog to talk about how broke she was and how impossible it felt to survive in the city with student loans. At that point, it was just about saving money and being as frugal as possible. … Read more

How We Taught Our Teenager About Money–And You Can Too

The job of instilling good money habits and wealth-building tools into our children is no small feat. Society will pressure them into living beyond their means in every way possible. You can provide subtle, yet strong lessons which will help them establish their own money personality. This will then guide their behaviors. Remember, more is caught than taught, but you can shape their perspectives in the areas that pack the … Read more

144R | Guard Rails and Dumpster Fires

A recap from Jonathan and Brad’s visit to FinCon, FI Military, YNAB, and “what if my finances are like a dumpster fire?” FinCon Recap Last week, Brad and Jonathan were at FinCon. Although it was originally intended to be a business to business conference, it has turned into an annual community event. At Brad’s first FinCon six years ago, there were just a dozen other self-identified FIRE community members, now … Read more

Why You Should Look At Retirement As An Expense

Why You Should Look At Retirement As An Expense

Recently, the ChooseFI team received an email from Anders Skagerberg, a fee-only financial planner based in Salt Lake City. Anders describes himself as a “ChooseFI faithful” and says that he and his business partner, Brett, are always trying to motivate young people to get excited about financial independence. One of the strategies that Anders uses with his clients is to get them to think of “retirement as an expense.” In … Read more

144 | Junior Achievement: 100 Years Of Financial Education With Crystal Law And Laura Goodman

Junior Achievement

Crystal Law, Director of Financial Literacy Experiences, and Laura Goodman, VP of Volunteer Engagement join us to discuss Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement Junior Achievement has been around for 100 years. In the beginning, Junior Achievement started as an after school program where students would learn more about business from a company. Since then, it has expanded to include entrepreneurship and financial literacy in its programs. Our programs are taught by … Read more

143 | Beyond Financial Independence With Edmund Tee

Beyond Financial Independence With Edmund Tee

Edmund Tee talks about reaching FI and the goals of teaching more people worldwide about Financial Independence. Beyond FI Although the idea of permanently sipping Pina Coladas on the beach sounds like a dream, the majority of FI people do not seem to take that route. What are you going to do with all of your free time once you’ve walked away from the nine to five? [Financial Independence] is … Read more

141R | Translating FI For The UK

The UK Path to FI

David Sawyer comes back on to discuss the UK path to FI, and Jonathan makes a big personal announcement. Life Updates Jonathan and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Rees, into the world this month. She’s 7 pounds and 14 oz of joy! Brad and his family just returned from a 20 day trip to Maui. Brad was able to connect to members of the ChooseFI Maui group through … Read more