173|Multiple Generations Under One Roof With Financial Tortoise

Tae, from the Financial Tortoise, shares his money story from the perspective of the sandwich generation. Tae and his wife realized that they had accumulated a total of $105,000 in student loan debt shortly after they got married. At that point, they found Dave Ramsey’s message and decided to focus on paying down their loans quickly. The couple was able to pay down $105,000 in student loan debt in three … Read more

100 Ways To Get 1% Better With Your Finances

100 Ways To Improve Your Finances By 1%

Shaving ten to 20 years off of your retirement date is one of those eye-opening ideas that might keep you up at night.  It’s just so exciting! In fact, it’s so exciting, that trying to get 1% better with your finances may sound like a rather boring goal. But anybody on the path to FI also knows that after the enthusiasm of a new way of thinking wears off, the … Read more

How To Pay Off Debt And Still Find Belonging With John And David

Pay Off Debt

The Debt Free Guys®, John and David, join Jillian to share tips on how to pay off debt and uncover the secret to living fabulously without going broke. More About The Debt Free Guys: John and David are husbands living fabulously, but not fabulously broke. They are the founders of the number one gay money blog and podcast, The Debt Free Guys® and Queer Money® podcast. Their blog and podcast … Read more

The Simple Startup | 170

170 | The Simple Startup

Rob Phelan, author of The Simple Startup joins the show to share more about this new resource that can help anyone learn how to build a business. Plus, he shares the path of creating a financial literacy course for all grade levels that brings in the concepts of Financial Independence. Rob started to learn more about Financial Independence after marrying his wife in 2016. Although they both have careers in … Read more

What Is FIRE: The Inspiration And Journey With Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache, one of the well-known FIRE movement figures, joins Jillian to discuss how to optimize money so you can create the life you only dream of. More About Mr. Money Mustache: Mr. Money Mustache (MMM) is the pen name for retired software engineer Peter Adeney. He retired at age 30 by living frugally and investing the majority of his take-home pay. MMM is known within the Financial Independence … Read more

How To Make More Money: The Ultimate Guide

How To Make More Money: The Ultimate Guide

When you start working on becoming Financially Independent, everything seems exciting. You start to make progress, pay down debt and see how your life is now changing. But inevitably, you hit a wall. You’re unable to cut anything more from your budget, your kids want new smartphones and your partner desperately wants to take a vacation. Not a staycation, a real vacation. What do you do when you think you’ve … Read more

167R | Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

167R | Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

Dropping mortgage rates prompt a conversation that explores the pros and cons of refinancing your mortgage at a lower rate. Plus, Steve Chen from NewRetirement joins the show to share the comprehensive retirement planning tools that his company has to offer. Jonathan was able to lower the interest rate attached to his mortgage by a full percentage point. By locking in that lower rate, he will save hundreds of dollars … Read more

Refinancing Student Loans: Pros And Cons You Need To Consider

Refinancing Student Loans: Pros And Cons You Need To Consider

Each year, U.S. student loan debt continues to grow. Cumulatively, Americans now owe over $1.6 trillion in student loans. And according to Saving for College, over two-thirds of bachelor’s degree grads from the Class 0f 2019 graduated with debt–with an average debt load of $29,900. There are the key refinancing student loans pros and cons you need to consider. And the student debt situation is even more concerning for graduate students. … Read more

How To Get Your Spouse On Board With FI

How To Get Your Spouse On Board With FI

So you have found the path to FI and you are running down it, full speed ahead. You’ve devoured dozens of podcast episodes and poured over FI blogs. You have read every article on the website. You’ve memorized many of the posts and comments in the ChooseFI Facebook group. You regularly contemplate your post-retirement life. Anyone who knows you at all knows that terms like house-hacking, geoarbitrage, and Roth conversion … Read more

OnTrajectory Review: The Site For Financial Independence Calculators


Everyone’s journey to FI is different. It’s important to know what YOUR journey looks like. You can’t know if you are on track unless you run your specific numbers. Comparing your journey to someone else’s won’t help you. Doing better or worse than someone else doesn’t mean anything to your own journey. Enter OnTrajectory. The detail of the scenarios the app helps you create is astonishing. You really can personalize … Read more