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Financial Independence

Are you ready to experience the power that financial independence can give you and your family?


So you have a handle on your finances, but how can you start to get your money to work for you? Whether you are frustrated with your day job, or you just have a desire to hit the road and see the world – it takes money to make these big changes. We’ve compiled the best information from those who have made these exact changes. We have details on how to optimize your investments, reduce your tax liability, grow your net worth, and – most importantly – live an intentional life that matches your values and dreams.

Completing this track will help you:

Who is the track for?

You’re tackling your debt and have a solid hold of your finances. Congratulations! But there is something nagging in the back of your mind – what next? Often, we spend so much time and energy focusing on getting back to debt free that we lose sight of what we need to do for our financial future. In this track we will highlight all the different things that you can do to help make your money grow and work for you. Ready to start making a plan for retirement before you reach retirement age? Let’s get started!

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