The “Baby Steps” Of FI

The "Baby Steps" Of FI

“Baby Steps” is a term popularized by Dave Ramsey to teach people a step-by-step process to help them pay off debt and take control of their finances. Perhaps the Ramsey way of thinking led you to the Financial Independence movement and you’re looking for something more. Or maybe you’re starting on your own financial journey from day one and need some next steps to get inspired FI-style. While the journey … Read more

131R | Building a Brick in Your Wall

131R | Building a Brick in Your Wall

Brad and Jonathan recap their conversation with Mr. Money Mustache and Mr. 1500. Plus, they answer listener questions about compounding interest and drawdowns during retirement. Community Building Jonathan recently moved closer to Brad’s home. Now they are only around five minutes apart. The move has already led to some positive movements in their life. One nice thing is having a workout buddy for mornings three days a week. At the … Read more

Mint Review: Is This The Best Free Personal Finance App?

Mint review

If you are looking for personal finance software to help you take control of your money you’ve probably come across Mint. Here’s our review about what you need to know about Intuit’s Mint personal finance software. What Is Mint? What makes Mint easier than a spreadsheet is that you can link your various financial accounts to essentially create a dashboard to monitor your finances. Once your accounts are linked, transactions … Read more

129 | Breaking The Glass Ceiling With Liz

129 | Breaking the Glass Ceiling | Liz, Chief Mom Officer

Jonathan and Brad talk to Liz from Chief Mom about working moms building a career from the ground up. The inspiration for this conversation came from a listener who wrote: “I’m new here and a lot of the numbers I see people throw around intimidate me. Not the goal numbers. I’m talking about the incomes, the really high incomes. I’m a mom and I’m the breadwinner for my family. … Read more

How To Reach FI On An Average Salary

How To Reach FI On An Average Salary

Have you ever felt like you can’t relate to a lot of the prominent voices or people in the personal finance community? As a young pastor, I have to admit that I often felt this way. When I heard people who were making six figures talk about all the money they were putting into their retirement accounts or their incredible savings rates, I’d start to feel a little frustrated inside … Read more

The Aggregation Of Marginal Gains

The Aggregation of Marginal Gains

The aggregation of marginal gains is a concept made famous by British cycling coach Dave Brailsford, who lead the British cycling team to 10 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Prior to this, the team had not managed any significant wins. Brailsford believed that victory at the Olympics would be achieved by focusing on a 1% margin for improvement in everything they did. He decided that he and his … Read more

Create Your Own Luck: The Four Levers Of Wealth Creation

Create Your Own Luck The Four Levers Of Wealth Creation-min

Scott Trench, President of came on the podcast to talk about his book, and his unique and completely approachable tactics for wealth creation. Scott believes that there is no one path to Financial Independence. There are, in fact, numerous paths. However, everyone can benefit from tailoring the four levers of wealth creation to build a plan that works for them. While the path to FI is diverse, there are … Read more

124 | Dirtbag Millionaire With Chris Mamula

124 dirtbag millionaire chris mamula

Chris Mamula, the “Dirtbag Millionaire,” describes the mistakes he made on the way to FIRE, the challenges he facing in his early retirement and the origin story of a book that will outline a Blueprint to Financial Independence based on the information shared by members of the ChooseFI community. You may know may Chris from his old blog, Eat the Financial Elephant or where he currently writes at Can I … Read more

123R | Hail Mary FI

123r Hail Mary FI

Brad and Jonathan give us an update about the “Playing with FIRE” documentary, Hail Mary FI, and how to build an escape route from the corporate hierarchy that doesn’t make room for you. Playing With FIRE As many of you already know, the “Playing with FIRE” documentary has been released to those that funded the documentary through a Kickstarter campaign. For those that have not seen it yet, the plan … Read more

123 | Rich And Regular

123 rich and regular

Today Kiersten and Julien from Rich and Regular talk about the specific challenges that the black community faces on their journey to FI. Recognizing the fact that not everyone starts from the same spot is important, so we are diving deep into the differences today. Where Did Your FI Journey Start? The couple met at work back in 2012. Early in their relationship, they stumbled onto an uncomfortable conversation about … Read more