113 | Swing for the Fences | Grant Sabatier

113 | Swing for the Fences | Grant Sabatier

Creator of Millennial Money and author of Financial Freedom, Grant Sabatier, shares his story of unemployment and entrepreneurship, and his strategies for increasing your income and optimizing your finances.

  • In 2010, with a college degree in philosophy Grant had been laid off twice and found himself living at home as 24-year-old.
  • Grant sent out more than 200 resumes without a single callback before he found the information he needed to start learning Google Ad campaigns.
  • The certification process took about 30 days and he received a job offer almost immediately.
  • The first step to getting out of a rut is being honest enough to admit that you’re stuck.
  • Most people are only 2 or 3 steps away from a life that they’d love.
  • A million dollars could be 10 years away; just take the next step.
  • When Grant looked at all his friends and his parents’ friends, they were stressed about money so he decided to learn how to do it differently.
  • Grant learned how to build WordPress websites and began selling his services to law firms, quickly securing large contracts at lower prices than large agencies.
  • Grant’s first client became his most valuable client because he served as a credible reference for more than a year.
  • How does Grant recommend getting your first client?
  • What matters is helping your client look good to their boss.
  • Selling is story telling – who you are as a person is more important that what you’re selling.
  • The paradox of the gig economy is that many people are actually less flexible and more stressed about getting their next client than they would be working a 9-5.
  • Whether you’re happy with your current job or not, optimizing your finances through your full-time job is where you need to start.
  • Talking to recruiters in your particular industry will give insight into the direction the industry is moving, what parts of your resume might be lacking, and the market value of your work.
  • How does Grant maintain relationships with recruiters?
    • Face-to-face meetings
    • Taking people out to lunch
    • Form an actual relationship, don’t just try to get something from them.
  • For Grant, forcing someone into a budget that cuts out small things like wine and coffee just reinforces a scarcity mindset.
  • The only way to get from a 5% to a 30% savings rate is to decrease your housing, transportation and food costs.
  • There is a limit to how much someone can cut back, but making money is unlimited.
  • Grant invested 100% of his side hustle income.

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22 thoughts on “113 | Swing for the Fences | Grant Sabatier”

  1. Interesting story but I’m getting bored with “how I made a ton of money” stories. What about people who don’t make much money? How can everyday people maximize what they have? It is tax time–how about stories about doing taxes? I know you’ve done some in the past–I’d love to hear more. I did think it was valuable to hear what he thought about real estate and optomizing income as much (or more) than cutting budgets. I would love to be entered in the drawing. Thanks.

    • I agree, and they all start the same “something about college” which says some level of intilligence. Out if all the financial information, I have never heard one start out “I’m a high school dropoutwith drug addicted parent and had to climb out of a ditch”. If the is something out there about the “less fortunate” please let me know. Thanks

  2. I lreally enjoyed this episode because it shows some of the ‘game behind the game’ that exists in life. You learn the rules all through school, but no one tells you that you can/should reach out to recruiters and how that can boost your career. There’s echoes of Ramit Sethi’s idea of “big wins” that exponentially improve your life. I’m going to listen to this episode at least one more time and start searching for recruiters near me. And share it with my co-worker who I’ve turned onto the concept of FI!

  3. Another great episode gents. Really enjoyed Grant’s message that it’s not about the money or achieving a certain bank balance, but rather truly figuring out what you need to achieve to be happy. And then aim for that target. Definitely going to check out his book and the article he mentioned.

  4. Very interesting story. I can’t believe the money/earnings he mentioned with digital marketing ( but I am old for that). I will just probably encourage my kids to check it out. What he actually validate for me is the use of real estate. That’s my take away. As always thank you guys!

  5. I loved hearing so many actionable tips and the enthusiasm Grant has! I am planning to listen to this episode again and take notes. Thank you for this great information.

  6. I’ve been working with recruiters the past year, but I honestly don’t see the 60-80K increase in salary. I’m seeig more 10-15K. It’s great to network with recruiters but I honestly wouldn’t expect a huge increase in salary. I feel Grant is grossly exaggerating.

  7. I loved this episode about the idea to talk to recruiters more on your current or future job opportunities with potential salary increase. It is a practical actionable tip for “career hack” and might provide more insight compared to salary/interview sharing on Glassdoor.

  8. Loved this episode. So many actionable tips. I am sharing it with all three of my daughters. The idea of contacting recruiters that could not only help them to find a job in their industry, but also tell them what they’re skills are worth and how they can boost their skills to get an edge is such fantastic advice. My daughter in California works for a start up company and is definitely not making a salary commensurate with her skills or cost of living. Also, good to hear him talk about real estate investing because my husband and I have just begun investing in real estate. We are older and agree this is the best way for us to be able to retire sooner than later. Our girls are also interested in REI. Thanks for always having such knowledgeable and inspiring guests in your show!

  9. Didn’t even think about connecting with recruiters even when you’re not looking for new employment. What a great episode with lots of great ideas!

  10. WOW! What a great episode! Listened to it on the elliptical at the gym and it totally got me pumped!
    Thank you Grant for such great tips – there were several I will be putting into action right away.
    As usual, Jonathan and Brad, YOU BOTH knocked this one out of the park. Thank you for all you do for our community!

  11. One actionable tip I’m going to try this Monday is I’m meeting a potentially new client to pitch our company’s services for a project. I plan to use one of Grant’s tip’s, (paraphrasing) ‘don’t describe why you are the best team for them to select, rather, describe how you are going to make them look good to their bosses’. Everyone pitching this project is of course the ‘best’ team. The effort is to differentiate us from the pack. I jotted down some idea’s that I think will resonate with the client and I believe them to be the obvious truth as well. Am looking forward to presenting something other than the same old rinse and repeat sales pitch.

  12. What an inspiring story!! I listened on my way to work and didn’t want to get out of my car because I was captivated with his story! Amazing! Every single advice he had was real and actionable. Total game changer in how I will look at opportunities going forward. Thanks again ChooseFI for changing lives!

  13. What a great episode! I usually listen on my commute but plan to listen again at home to make sure I can take notes.

    I love the idea of starting with optimizing your current career. I do enjoy a lot of what I currently do just wish I could make more money and possibly move to a role with more flexible options yet fall into the category of those who have never asked for a raise…. I don’t know how to sell myself! What are the metrics? How can I prove I am worth more? Talking with coworkers about pay is taboo… I don’t have a degree so searching Glassdoor isn’t always straightforward.

    After this episode I will definitely be reaching out to some recruiters as well as speaking to my HR about possibly unused benefits to start.

    Thank you for another great episode with tons of actionable tips!

    • In the past I’ve been honest with my boss and said that I don’t want to leave the company, but I feel my skill set has grown and asked for a out of cycle raise. HR did some research on what salary a replacement for me would request and then they bumped me up!

  14. Guys, I’m a long time listener – have listened to every episode,some, even multiple times.. but this one was different. It had the usual actionable to do tips and lessons to get to FI, but more importantly it delved into the real philosophy of the why of FI. Reiterating the importance of the journey being the prize and not the end goal. Grants this real guy, with honest and practical advice. I got so much from this episode, the highlights would be
    – don’t rush, enjoy the journey
    – zen habits
    – don’t do things just because ‘people’ say they’re good for you, do what works for you
    – real estate. Real estate. Real estate

    I would rename this episode Philosophizing Choose FI 😄

    Thank you two for all that you do!

  15. I agree with the final comment in the show, Real Estate! That is the path I am taking. It is the best short cut to FI when you don’t have a six figure salary. My working income would probably never get me to FI while supporting a family. But in the past 2 years, by being intentional and specific on the properties I am looking to acquire, I have already matched my take home pay with cash flows with just 3 properties. I plan to reach FI within another 2 years with a few more properties to get well over my take home pay. Then I can focus on other things that matter in life.

  16. I really liked this episode of the podcast. I think Grant did a great job of articulating something we FI members don’t always consider: the small things we cut out of spending are often the ones that bring us the most joy. The thing that I will take away from this episode is Grant’s advice on increasing income over decreasing spending. I will bring that into my life to make the FI journey that much more enjoyable.

  17. Loved the tip of develop and retain a relationship with a recruiter. He then went back to the one on one relationship in terms of sales with meet people face to face, talk about them, and find commonality with them. Where was this advise 10 years ago. Keep up the good work and the good guests. Loving the pod cast.

  18. What i got out of this episode is hard work and sacrifice paired with fiscal responsibility and strategic networking will help propel you into FI.

  19. Great podcast. Does anyone have any links to articles that explain the contact the recruiter process and why it’s beneficial? I didn’t see an article on MM’s blog. I’m to convince my sister to follow these tactics but she’s not a podcast listening type (sadly).


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