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113 | Swing for the Fences | Grant Sabatier

Creator of Millennial Money and author of Financial Freedom, Grant Sabatier, shares his story of unemployment and entrepreneurship, and his strategies for increasing your income and optimizing your finances.

  • In 2010, with a college degree in philosophy Grant had been laid off twice and found himself living at home as 24-year-old.
  • Grant sent out more than 200 resumes without a single callback before he found the information he needed to start learning Google Ad campaigns.
  • The certification process took about 30 days and he received a job offer almost immediately.
  • The first step to getting out of a rut is being honest enough to admit that you’re stuck.
  • Most people are only 2 or 3 steps away from a life that they’d love.
  • A million dollars could be 10 years away; just take the next step.
  • When Grant looked at all his friends and his parents’ friends, they were stressed about money so he decided to learn how to do it differently.
  • Grant learned how to build Wordpress websites and began selling his services to law firms, quickly securing large contracts at lower prices than large agencies.
  • Grant’s first client became his most valuable client because he served as a credible reference for more than a year.
  • How does Grant recommend getting your first client?
  • What matters is helping your client look good to their boss.
  • Selling is story telling – who you are as a person is more important that what you’re selling.
  • The paradox of the gig economy is that many people are actually less flexible and more stressed about getting their next client than they would be working a 9-5.
  • Whether you’re happy with your current job or not, optimizing your finances through your full-time job is where you need to start.
  • Talking to recruiters in your particular industry will give insight into the direction the industry is moving, what parts of your resume might be lacking, and the market value of your work.
  • How does Grant maintain relationships with recruiters?
    • Face-to-face meetings
    • Taking people out to lunch
    • Form an actual relationship, don’t just try to get something from them.
  • For Grant, forcing someone into a budget that cuts out small things like wine and coffee just reinforces a scarcity mindset.
  • The only way to get from a 5% to a 30% savings rate is to decrease your housing, transportation and food costs.
  • There is a limit to how much someone can cut back, but making money is unlimited.
  • Grant invested 100% of his side hustle income.

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“Success Isn’t About Money, It’s About Peace” – Millennial Money

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