033 Design your Future Dominick Quartuccio

033 | Design Your Future | Dominick Quartuccio

In today's podcast we speak with Dominick Quartuccio from DominickQ.com and the author of the book Design Your Life about disrupting your behaviors and ‘creating a future you can't wait to live into.'

In Today’s Podcast we cover:

  • Our guest is Dominick Quartuccio the author of Design Your Future who is here to talk about ‘designing a future you can’t wait to live into’
  • This is a very personal episode for Brad, as Dom is a close friend and the person Brad goes to for advice and motivation
  • FI is focused on freedom and that is what Dominick focuses on, but with an emphasis on energy
  • People in Dominick’s world were asking questions about ‘where to go from here’, even though they seemingly have everything
  • Community is such an essential aspect of life
  • We all need to be intentional and not drift through life
  • Dominick’s explanation of the term ‘drift’ as defined by Napoleon Hill and what happens if you live an unintentional life
  • How to know if you’re drifting in life? Are you reacting based on fear?
  • Progress is an essential aspect of being a human
  • What is on your life horizon that gets you ‘excited like a kid on Christmas morning’?
  • How beliefs impact how you live your life and how Dom’s belief held him back from leaving his corporate job
  • Systemic spending. How Dom’s gym impacts his entire system
  • An awakening: Most are unintentional, but Dominick advises looking for intentional awakenings
  • Disrupting: How to disrupt your behaviors, stories, etc.
  • Possible disruptions would be to abstain from a behavior for a period of time (“no Netflix for 60 days”, etc.)
  • ‘The space between a stimulus and the response’
  • How to interrupt your normal response after a standard stimulus
  • How 95% of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, etc. fall below your conscious thinking
  • How the 5% of conscious thought can impact and change the 95% of habits, behaviors and become habitual
  • How to design the future you can’t wait to live into
  • Writing your own eulogy to focus on the ‘celebration of life’
  • How long do you want to live? What do you want to experience in life?  What did you leave behind – what lives on beyond you?
  • Shifting your focus to realize you have ‘ultimate authority’ over your life
  • Dominick’s Eulogy
  • A 90 day action plan to set a defined goal to help design your future
  • The value of small changes and process improvements over time
  • What happens to your energy when working through a 90 day plan and tips to sustain the plan
  • How to curate an internal state that makes you stronger
  • Hot Seat Questions
  • Meditation is Dom’s favorite life hack
  • Dom’s biggest financial mistake: spending too much money launching his business

Listen to Brad and Jonathan's thoughts about this episode here.

Links from the show:

Design Your Future: 3 Simple Steps to Stop Drifting and Start Living Price: Design Your Future: 3 Simple Steps to Stop Drifting and Start Living Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 09/24/2020

Books Mentioned in the Show:

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6 thoughts on “033 | Design Your Future | Dominick Quartuccio”

  1. Hi guys, another great episode, congrats. I was browsing through the book links and noticed the link behind “Think and Grow Rich” seems to be wrong. Not saying a book about the 5 love languages might not be useful, but you might want to link to Think and Grow Rich instead. -D

  2. Seriously good podcast. I think this is my favorite podcast thus far. I just may purchase Dom’s book as a b day gift for myself. Thanks for this content!

  3. I had never heard of “Outwitting the Devil” so I went out and found it and binge read it yesterday and today. Turns out it was published in 2011 after 70 years on the manuscript shelf.

    Its an interesting book in the self-help genre, and probably was intended as the follow-up to Think and Grow Rich. It is written in the style of Richest Man in Babylon where the author interviews the Devil, who really just represents negativity.

    It has a number of lists, but lays out these seven principles to attain spiritual, mental and physical freedom:

    1. Definiteness of Purpose
    2. Mastery over self
    3. Learning from adversity
    4. Controlling environmental influence (associations)
    5. Time (giving permenancy to positive, rather than negative, thought-habits and developing wisdom).
    6. Harmony (acting with definiteness of purpose to become the dominating influence in your own environments).
    7. Caution (thinking through your plan before you act).

    Hill follows the ancient tradition (dating back at least to the Ten Commandments) of putting the two most important tenets as first and last. The first is the familiar intentionality or goal setting.

    The things he lists under “Caution” are interesting, and are mostly about policing your environment and just generally not doing stupid things.

    Paraphrasing here: Next to the habit of drifting, the most dangerous human trait is lack of caution.  People drift into hazardous circumstances acting first and thinking later by:

    — Not choosing friends, but letting assorted people attach themselves to you
    — Not choosing an occupation, but drifting through school and just taking any old job
    — Not educating self in markets/trade/negotiations, and getting cheated
    — Not learning rules of sound health and getting sick
    — Not policing environment, leading to poverty
    — Failing to select spouse wisely
    — Dealing with friends and associates imprudently and losing them

    What I found most interesting is that although Hill admitted he could not explain the mechanisms behind all this in any scientific manner, he did hit on the thing that we now know drives much of the “drifting”, which is the thoughtless mimicry of other people (cue mirror neuron research and mimetic theory — beyond the scope here). He notes:

    “When [a] child reaches the age of consciousness and begins to recognize the objects of its surroundings, it begins, also, to imitate others.  Imitation becomes a fixed habit. . . . The imitation extends not merely to physical expression, but also to thought expression.” If the child’s parent’s fear, it imitates that fear. “In a similar way the child learns, by imitation, to limit its power of thought by filling its mind with envy, hatred, greed,lust, revenge and all the other negative impulses of though which destroy all possibility of definiteness.”

    We now know that this is not just an issue with children but is THE issue with most people and what drives consumerism and other misplaced desires. [Did somebody say ‘LEMMINGS”? 😉 ]

    The “Ultimate Conclusion” of the book is this:

    “One’s dominating desires can be crystallized into their physical equivalents through definiteness of purpose backed by definiteness of plans, with the aid of nature’s law of hypnotic rhythm and time.”

    The quirky sounding “Nature’s law of hypnotic rhythm” is just your habits, which you either adopt intentionally or fall into bad ones if you don’t. The inclusion of “time” is like compound interest — good or bad habits compound success or failure over time.

    Fun trivia: The book is edited by Sharon Lechter, who famously co-authored most of the Rich Dad books and then later sued Robert Kiyosaki for screwing her over. He paid her off in 2008.

  4. Just curious, are there any suggested resources or publishers that could be recommended? I have a book I am working to finish and an idea for another that I’ve had for years but not sure what is the best route to go for getting them published. Anyone like Dominick, or the women he mentioned in his story that has published, please chime in on the best places to start. Thanks!

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