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033 | Design Your Future | Dominick Quartuccio

In today’s podcast we speak with Dominick Quartuccio from and the author of the book Design Your Life about disrupting your behaviors and ‘creating a future you can’t wait to live into.’

Podcast Episode Summary

  • Our guest is Dominick Quartuccio the author of Design Your Future who is here to talk about ‘designing a future you can’t wait to live into’
  • This is a very personal episode for Brad, as Dom is a close friend and the person Brad goes to for advice and motivation
  • FI is focused on freedom and that is what Dominick focuses on, but with an emphasis on energy
  • People in Dominick’s world were asking questions about ‘where to go from here’, even though they seemingly have everything
  • Community is such an essential aspect of life
  • We all need to be intentional and not drift through life
  • Dominick’s explanation of the term ‘drift’ as defined by Napoleon Hill and what happens if you live an unintentional life
  • How to know if you’re drifting in life? Are you reacting based on fear?
  • Progress is an essential aspect of being a human
  • What is on your life horizon that gets you ‘excited like a kid on Christmas morning’?
  • How beliefs impact how you live your life and how Dom’s belief held him back from leaving his corporate job
  • Systemic spending. How Dom’s gym impacts his entire system
  • An awakening: Most are unintentional, but Dominick advises looking for intentional awakenings
  • Disrupting: How to disrupt your behaviors, stories, etc.
  • Possible disruptions would be to abstain from a behavior for a period of time (“no Netflix for 60 days”, etc.)
  • ‘The space between a stimulus and the response’
  • How to interrupt your normal response after a standard stimulus
  • How 95% of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, etc. fall below your conscious thinking
  • How the 5% of conscious thought can impact and change the 95% of habits, behaviors and become habitual
  • How to design the future you can’t wait to live into
  • Writing your own eulogy to focus on the ‘celebration of life’
  • How long do you want to live? What do you want to experience in life?  What did you leave behind – what lives on beyond you?
  • Shifting your focus to realize you have ‘ultimate authority’ over your life
  • Dominick’s Eulogy
  • A 90 day action plan to set a defined goal to help design your future
  • The value of small changes and process improvements over time
  • What happens to your energy when working through a 90 day plan and tips to sustain the plan
  • How to curate an internal state that makes you stronger
  • Hot Seat Questions
  • Meditation is Dom’s favorite life hack
  • Dom’s biggest financial mistake: spending too much money launching his business

Listen to Brad and Jonathan’s thoughts about this episode here.

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