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What If You Didn’t Need to Escape? | EP 365

In this week’s episode, Brad and Jonathan question the notion of needing to escape from your life. While we all get tired of the mundane nuances that life throws at us, we often escape these constrictions by frivolously spending money during the hours in which we own our time. Taking a break isn’t the worst thing on earth obviously, but reclaiming our time and spending it with who or what we love can help erase the feeling of needing to escape from the world! Take a look outside, it doesn’t look too bad right?


  • 1:26- 8:28 | Introductions and Super Bowl Commercial Discussion
  • 8:28- 10:13 | Facebook Discussion
  • 10:13- 11:47 | What If You Didn’t Need To Escape?
  • 11:47-14:26 | The Look Outside Test
  • 14:26- 23:20 | How We Escape
  • 23:20-32:05 | Compounding Healthy Hobbies
  • 32:05-41:55 | A Life Without The Need For Escaping
  • 41:55-43:43 | Conclusion

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