How to lose 30 lbs in 3 months on a budget

010 | Skinny Waist, Fat Wallet (How To Lose 30 Lbs In 3 months)

Why do we make weight loss and fitness so complicated and expensive?

Jonathan and Brad cut through the noise and share their strategies to stay lean and fit on a budget

  • Fitness and nutrition from a financial independence mindset
  • Jonathan’s quest to lose 30 pounds in the 3 months leading up to his son’s birth
  • JD Roth’s talk at the Camp Mustache event to create a personal mission statement
  • Jonathan’s post-it note goals for his next 3 months of losing weight
  • Be intentional about your goals
  • Eating to live, not living to eat
  • The dangers of carbs and processed sugar
  • Frugal, ripped, lean and wealthy
  • Set a goal and find some accountability partners
  • Brad’s goals: 15 pullups and a six-minute mile
  • Go to sleep on an empty stomach: benefits and discussion
  • Drink more water: ½ to 1 gallon per day
  • How to eat a better breakfast and why to avoid sugar and carbs
  • 24 hour fast one day per week in Jonathan’s plan
  • Bulletproof Coffee, intermittent fasting and ketosis
  • Prepare your meals ahead of time
  • Avoid a deprivation mindset
  • Movement is essential
  • Take breaks during the workday to walk
  • Interval training: HIIT on treadmill
  • The benefits of lifting weights
  • Building exercise into your day
  • Take these actionable tips and implement them

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18 thoughts on “010 | Skinny Waist, Fat Wallet (How To Lose 30 Lbs In 3 months)”

  1. What kind of coffee & MCT are you using for your bullet proof coffee? Are you drinking this every day? Intrigued to try from listening to #10. I look forward to future shows. I’m also on the path to FI & looking for different hacks along to way. Been in the travel hacking game since 2012.

    • I love good coffee, and this will be an upcoming post on the healthy living page. I always take the time to grind my coffee fresh, then use an Aeropress, and I just got a Chemex as a gift- the Aeropress limits you to one cup at a time. I buy the beans at Costco. I prefer light or medium roast. Anecdotaly I hear that the light roast has more caffeine 🙂
      I don’t worry too much about the MCT & butter.
      I use my regular Costco unsalted butter ( although I am considering upgrading to kerri gold *Brads suggestion ) it’s about three times as expensive but you can get it at Costco also

      For Coconut oil – I use the Costco Organic Coconut oil

      I use a ratio of 1:1:1
      1 cup of coffee/ 1 tbsp of butter/1 tbsp of coconut oil

      you can mix it up to your personal taste- I think when you use 1:2:1 (that is probably the best tasting ratio)

      It’s been great, my wife loves it. It tastes like a light latte without all the sugar and a hint of coconut. I’ve made it for my neighbors in the past 2 weeks and they agreed *Awesome*

      And though I can’t give it all the credit. I am down 14 lbs since that show was recorded with virtually zero cravings and fantastic energy levels. I’ll post a video tutorial in a few weeks

  2. My husband and I just began trying to cut down on carbs as well. Coffee has been my achilles heel. I like it sweet and creamy. I LOVE Coffemate French Vanilla Creamer, even though I know that it has to be terrible for me. We tried the Bulletproof coffee over the weekend and have switched to it. It’s drinkable and I’m hoping over time it will decrease my craving for sweet coffee. Thanks for mentioning it in your episode.

    Congrats on the upcoming baby and weight loss so far!

    • Hey Melissa. I am loving the bulletproof coffee too, another life hack is to start making **good** coffee. Throw out the coffee mate pot and learn to do the “pour over method my current favorite is the chemex but their are about 4 options. if you get this down and start turning your coffee into an art the improvement in taste will blow your mind and I am not a coffee snob i promise. Ill do a blog post on this in the near future 🙂

  3. I believe you mentioned you will post details, journals, meal plans or the like somewhere on the choosefi website. Is this your intention and if so how can I track your inspiring experiment? Thanks! Great podcast! Matt

    • Hey Matt – I definitely will. I’m about halfway done with the transformation. (down about 15 lbs in 6 weeks). I’ve taken a few progress pics and have compiled a few resources that I am currently in process of packaging for you and putting on the healthy living 101 page.

      Thanks for your feedback we are having lots of fun and its only getting better. So many great ideas so little time. In the meantime you should subscribe by going to the Healthy living page and clicking on the “keep me updated” green button. that puts you on my email list and lets me know you are interested in health and fitness life hacks. Lots of content being built right now but those updates are coming. We also try to provide extra content and updates to our twitter and facebook followers. We are trying to build a FIRE community/tribe by FIRE for FIRE so I love that you are enjoying it so far. Welcome to the tribe

  4. Hi. two questions.. do you have these podcasts in a pdf form or a place I can read them instead of listening.. also where is the list of all the articles you have written.. I see Latest Articles.. but how can I access all of the articles.. thank you.

    • Hi Ann great questions,

      We do not offer transcripts of the shows at this point, It is something we will look into as we continue to grow. The latest articles page contains all written articles starting with the most recent(it excludes podcast). The site launched in January so the content is still growing. We use the podcast to write articles and the articles to inspire content for the podcast- so there is a plan to write an ultimate guide to frugal weight loss which sounds like what you are looking for. But that will be a summary after I finish the 30 lb weight loss challenge. So expect that by then end of april. If you are interested in more healthy living content in addition to the podcast you can go to our healthy living 101 page and there is a link to that on our home page.


  5. Hey Guys,

    Just a cool hack I’ve been using for the past couple of years… I’m a weightlifting junky and can’t go a few days without getting in the gym. For any others like me, most standard health insurance plans will give back up to $150 in gym membership fees! That $10 a month gym membership is now free.

  6. Hey! You guys are awesome. You should for sure look into the health and budget benefits of being veg/vegan. My partner and I used to spend up to $200+ a week on groceries, with great planning and sales and coupons. Since we stopped eating meat, dairy and eggs, we spend between $70-$100/wk on groceries! We eat like royalty and spend less time cooking.

    Give it a whirl!

  7. Love the podcast! I’ve been trying bulletproof coffee for the last few months and it’s really agreeing with me. I think some people have a more natural aversion to carbs and need for fats, and I think I may fall into that category. I use Peet’s coffee from Costco, whatever is onsale. Like you I was using Costco’s organic coconut oil for the first months, but I recently caved and bought the MCT oil from Bulletproof. Tastes less coconuty and I do feel more energy. Maybe it’s all in my mind. I also highly recommend the unsalted Kerrygold butter. I get mine from Trader Joes. Big difference in vitamin K I believe than other butters. I also add cinnamon to mine which I heard is good for blood sugar. Regarding Ketosis, I’m also interested in this fasting mimic idea discussed here: Interested if you’ve heard of it.

  8. I certainly hope that eggs raise cholesterol. I’m relying on them to get my cholesterol up! I married a vegan and slowly corrupted her over the years (but we still eat mostly a plant-based diet). I finally went to the doctor after 11 years of marriage and found my cholesterol to be low!

    Loving this podcast!

  9. Hi
    The podcast served as an eye-opener for me and collected many nuggets. However, one thing I am skeptical about: going to sleep on empty stomach. Though I would love it, I find within 15-20 mins my stomach burps and I just cannot sleep until I feed it some cottage cheese or peanuts or some sweet. Is it just me or everyone else has no problems sleeping on empty stomach?

    I know I have to research on this but just asking, whether I am unique in this whole world?

  10. Running is the silver bullet for calorie burn, but not everyone is able to. My knees and back get aggravated by running more than a mile at a time. I recommend biking. 10 years ago at age 35 I was 195 lbs at 5′ 10″. My biking slowly and I added miles in small increments. I have been racing competitively for the past 5 years and my weight is now 155 pounds. I never weigh myself on a scale. I instead look at myself in the mirror when I get out of the shower and that is far more telling than a number.

  11. I’m a bit late to comment on this. Enjoying the podcast currently and am trying to get back through some of the archives. How’d you guys do on the goals of the 30 pounds and the pull-ups/mile run? Keep up the good work guys.

  12. You guys are awesome! My husband told me about you guys after I had started listening to Aussie Firebug as there weren’t many Aussie podcasts on FI available. We are both addicted!!!

    Whilst on the journey to FI, I have unlocked an incidental exercise hack that I do most days I work. I schedule “walk and talk” meetings with people to get some fresh air and my steps up as well. Ask, if there are any phone meetings where a laptop is not required, I often walk the office. I have quite easily clocked over 10,000 steps on some of these calls alone.

    Love the podcasts!!!

  13. I only started listening to this podcast recently. How did all this go? Is there a follow up episode or something on the website?

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