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America’s Food Obsession | How to Crush Your Grocery Bill | 007

Why you need to take a hard look at your grocery bill and restaurant budget and how to to crush these potentially huge drains on your money.

Episode Summary

America’s food obsession: We’re fat and broke

How Brad’s family saves money on food

  • Being smart with ingredients. Buy in season
  • How often does Brad’s family go out to eat?
  • Go out for lunch instead of dinner
  • Emergency meals in extra freezer
  • Being efficient shopping at one store. Cut down on business
  • Plan out the 2-3 meals you want to cook for the week
  • Index of Top 50 recipes (A++ recipes) to cook
  • Getting five nights of dinner out of cooking two meals

Jonathan’s tips

  • Cook for multiple nights and don’t waste food
  • The waistline test and the fridge test
  • Food budget programs
  • Make food prep psychologically easy. Simplicity is key
  • The Ultimate Costco Meal Plan and 10 items Jonathan buys
  • Find out your price per unit on your staple foods
    • 31 loaves of bread from one 25-pound bag of flour, 18 cents per loaf
  • Jonathan doesn’t eat out at restaurants where he needs to leave a tip (goes to Chipotle and Panera)
  • Health consequences – don’t overeat
  • To cut down on portions, plan for leftovers
  • Take willpower out of decision-making
  • Small tweaks to make your life better over years
  • Healthy lifestyle saves money on healthcare

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