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006 | The Power Of Partnerships | ChooseFI Origin Story

We share the origin story of ChooseFI. The how and why we decided to partner on this podcast and new community

  • The Power of Partnerships
  • How Brad and Jonathan met
  • Their decision to partner up on Choose FI
  • The importance of taking action
  • The value of personal relationships in an online world
  • What to look for in a partner
  • Complementary skills and how they can help beat the learning curve
  • How to find a partner in your niche
  • Find people you connect with and meet in person if possible
  • Split up the duties in the partnership to create an effective partnership
  • Partnerships likely aren’t going to be 50%/50% in time spent, but you can still add value
  • Have an understanding from the outset of what the partnership will entail to avoid problems down the road

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