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057R | CampFI Roundtable 2018

A live roundtable discussion at CampFI including talks on the military, the flexibility of the FI plan and reaching FI before your partner. On today’s episode we cover: Camp FI roundtable discussion Everyone’s different stage in FI in the community Doug Nordman talks about the military and FI. Listen to

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057 | The Golden Albatross | Grumpus Maximus

Grumpus Maximus shares his military background, his blog about understanding pensions, and his path to FI. In this episode we cover: Interview with Grumpus Maximus about pensions and the military Where the name Grumpus Maximus comes from The Golden Albatross Grumpus Maximus’ backstory How he discovered the FI movement How

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025 | The Wealthy Accountant

Keith from The Wealthy Accountant makes an appearance on the show to discuss tax optimization for individuals and small businesses with plenty of tax tips for your FI tool chest. Podcast Episode Summary Keith from the Wealthy Accountant presents his tax optimization strategies for individuals and small business owners Keith

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019R | Index Investing | How to buy VTSAX

In our Friday roundup Jonathan and Brad discuss the highlights and takeaways from the Monday episode with JL Collins. Then the podcast is opened up and crowd sourced to the community. Find out the specific travel reward perks that are available for active duty military and how to get started

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