118 | From Financial Infidelity To His & Her Money

his and her money talaat mcneely

Talaat McNeely from His and Her Money talks about how his money mistakes led to financial infidelity. Most importantly, he shares how he was able to rebuild trust with his wife Tai and successfully work towards common financial goals together. Through Talaat and Tai’s story, you will learn practical ways to build the financial trust that many couples hope to achieve. Financial Infidelity Before Talaat proposed to Tai, he described … Read more

112 | Naseema Financially Intentional | How I paid Off 1 Million In Debt

112 | Naseema Financially Intentional | How I paid off 1 million in Debt

Naseema McElroy, a registered and practicing nurse and blogger at Financially Intentional, explains how to accumulate $1 million in debt, and how she earned her freedom through financial independence. How does someone accumulate $1 million of debt? Naseema is from West Oakland, Ca., where she was taught to either join the military or go to college. She attended the University of Southern California for both her undergraduate and graduate degree, … Read more

When A Life-Sucking Job Forces You To Rethink Everything

When A Life-Sucking Job Forces You To Rethink Everything

Ben, now 34, graduated from law school in 2012 with $150,000 in student loans. He had entered law school with the goal of helping people.  But by graduation, his debt and the lure of prestige and money led him into a high paying “Big Law” job in corporate litigation. Ben was miserable in that life so he used a high savings rate and Real Estate investing to fund a lifestyle … Read more

096 | Drift | Dominick Q

096 Drift Dominick Quartuccio

Dominick Quartuccio defines life ‘drift’, advises Brad & Jonathan on how to take inventory of their habits, and evaluates the role technology plays in helping or hindering progress toward our goals. Best place to start is Episode 33 What is “drift”? Who is Napoleon Hill, and how did it impact Dominick? How in control of your life are you really? How does Dominick evaluate his own habits to evaluate which … Read more

088 | Career Hacking The Tech Industry | Millennial Boss

088 | Career Hacking the Tech Industry | Millennial Boss

Millennial Boss and FIRE Drill podcaster, J talks about becoming a creator, career hacking, and salary negotiation, alongside of pursuing FI, side hustles, and a growing podcast. What challenges did J face when she graduated college without many job options? How did J become a creator, instead of a joiner? What moment gave J the motivation to change her life? What type of job did J first land, while also … Read more

047R |The Rule of 72

047R The Rule of 72

In today’s podcast we recap Episode 47 with Bryce and Kristy from Millennial Revolution including talk of home ownership and world travel, but a reader case study and voicemail. In Today’s Podcast we cover: A recap of our main takeaways from Episode 47 with Kristy and Bryce from Millennial Revolution How Brad explained the concept of compound interest to his daughter Anna and it was a lightbulb moment How Brad’s … Read more

027R | The Friday Roundup | Debunking the Value of the Mortgage Deduction

Friday Roundup 027R

In today’s podcast we highlight our takeaways from Episode 27 with Jay from Slowly Sipping Coffee, plus we discuss the ‘Mount Rushmore’ of FI and help debunk a lot of the misinformation surrounding the value of the mortgage interest deduction. In Today’s Podcast we cover: The Friday Roundup bringing in many aspects of our audience and community plus our thoughts on the Episode 27 with Jay from Slowly Sipping Coffee … Read more

025 | The Wealthy Accountant

Keith from The Wealthy Accountant makes an appearance on the show to discuss tax optimization for individuals and small businesses with plenty of tax tips for your FI tool chest. In Today’s Podcast we cover: Keith from the Wealthy Accountant presents his tax optimization strategies for individuals and small business owners Keith is the most knowledgeable accountant we have ever met. We met him in Florida at Camp Mustache and … Read more

021 | The Pillars Of FI

021 - The Pillars of FI

In this episode of the Choose FI Radio Podcast we focus on the essential Pillars of Financial Independence including index investing, affordable housing, the psychology of FI, tax optimization and more. Not a good time for a podcast? You can read the article inspired by this episode here. In Today’s Podcast we cover: ChooseFI Episode 21: The Pillars of Financial Independence While we intend to focus on the roughly 10 … Read more

018 | Go Curry Cracker | Capital Gains, Losses and The Roth Conversion Ladder

Capital Gains & Losses

Introducing Capital Gains Harvesting In Today’s Podcast we cover: Our guest: Jeremy from Go Curry Cracker Jeremy and Winnie are living the geo-arbitrage life: currently in Taipei, Taiwan and then on to a four month trip to Europe They are using travel rewards points to get nearly free business class flights from Taipei to Europe. “Retiring in your 30s is simple but not necessarily easy” The biggest contributing factor is … Read more