Demystifying Index Fund Investing with JL Collins

Index Fund Investing

JL Collins, author of A Simple Path to Wealth, joins Jillian to help you start Index fund investing. More About JL Collins: JL Collins has an extensive amount of experience and knowledge around investing.  He is the author of A Simple Path to Wealth and Collins has been a speaker for Google Talks and the Master Your Money Summit. He is also the founder of the annual event Chautauqua … Read more

036 | Community, Chautauqua, And AMA With JL Collins

036.Community Chatauqua

In today’s podcast with Jim Collins from The Simple Path to Wealth and JL Collins NH, we discuss the Chautauquas, in-person events plus an ‘Ask Me Anything’ series of questions from our ChooseFI community. In Today’s Podcast we cover: Part 3 with JL Collins from JLCollinsNH, the Simple Path to Wealth and Stock Series fame Jim’s discussion of Alan from PopUp Business School and how the UK Chautauqua came to … Read more

034 | The Stock Series Part 2 | JL Collins

034.The Stock Series Part 2

This podcast is Part 2 of the Stock Series discussion with JL Collins, author of The Simple Path to Wealth and the website JLCollinsNH; we discuss the Great Depression and the mindset you need to be a successful long-term investor, plus how to allocate between equities and bonds. In Today’s Podcast we cover: Part 2 of the Stock Series conversation with Jim Collins If you have not yet listened to … Read more

019 | JL Collins from jlcollinsnh | The Stock Series | Part 1

JL Collins from jlcollinsnh | The Stock Series

In Today’s Podcast JL collins from jlcollinsnh joins Jonathan & Brad on the podcast to bring the Stock Series to life. The Power of Index Investing is one of life’s greatest secrets & JL Collins is the ultimate travel guide. This multi part series turns the stock series into an interactive audio companion and this first part is sure to compel you to stick around for each additional entry The … Read more

096R | The Money Matriarch of the World & the Godfather of FI | Suze Orman & JLCollinsNH

Money Matriarch Suze Orman and Jim Collins NH

An in-depth conversation with JL Collins about a recent controversial interview given by Suze Orman, and clarification of what concepts are truly at the heart of the financial independence movement. Frugal wins of the week from Brad & Jonathan: garbage pickup and cell phone batteries. What questions did Dominick Q, from Monday’s episode, ask that were most impactful for Jonathan? Jonathan explains how he uses a planner at night to … Read more

The Golden Albatross

The Golden Albatross $6.29-$24.99  4.7/5 “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?Use this proven method to measure what your pension is worth…And if it is worth it to stick around for it. Grumpus Maximus retired after 20 years of service in the US military. He shares how he grappled with the decision to stay for his pension and outlines a process that you can use when you are evaluating … Read more

The Market Always Goes Up | Ep 193

The Market Always Goes Up

A look at investing during difficult times. Does the market always go up? And should you invest a lump sum all at once or slowly over time? Silver Linings Laura cut Brad’s hair for the first time and it went really well! Brad doesn’t think he will go back to getting professional hair cuts again. MK is excited just to go pick up her grocery order from the store. Brad’s … Read more

Stay The Course | Ep 188

Rick Ferri joins the show to discuss asset allocation. This is second installment of his interview. If you’d like to hear about Rick’s backstory and his views on index funds vs the asset under management model check out his first interview, Escape From Wall Street. Asset Allocation Asset allocation is like a birthday cake. The layers are your asset classes, stock, fixed income, and cash. How to allocate between these … Read more

Multiple Generations Under One Roof With Financial Tortoise | Ep 186

Tae, from the Financial Tortoise, shares his money story from the perspective of the sandwich generation. Tae and his wife realized that they had accumulated a total of $105,000 in student loan debt shortly after they got married. At that point, they found Dave Ramsey’s message and decided to focus on paying down their loans quickly. The couple was able to pay down $105,000 in student loan debt in three … Read more

Blueprint to FI

Choose FI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence $6.29-$20.99  4.7/5 If you are in debt, bad with money, or looking for a straightforward way to take command of your finances, this book is for you. This isn’t just another personal finance book or budgeting guide telling you how to live like someone else. This book will give you the framework for success from dozens of people who have found their own … Read more