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December 13, 2022: Optimal Order for Investing, Take Action

Optimal Order for Investing Your Money Our good friend Tae Kim from the Financial Tortoise (he’s been on the podcast in Episodes 186 and 302) put out a YouTube video last month that went viral with over 200k+ views called, “Optimal Order for Investing Your Money.” I highly recommend watching

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College graduation cap
Should You Go To College In 2024

Note: For a list of episodes of the ChooseFI Podcast discussing tips and tactics to optimize college costs, click here. Here at Choose FI, we’ve always hated student loans. Not the college education you receive, but the idea that you have to borrow so much money to get the degree.

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May 24, 2022: Twenty Investing Lessons, More Language Learning

Twenty Investing Lessons Learned Michael Batnick, co-host of ‘Animal Spirits,’ one of my favorite investing podcasts, released an article I enjoyed called ‘Twenty Lessons Learned’ in response to the recent downturn in the stock market.  Here are some of my favorites, but I suggest you click to the article and read

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Is It Worth Giving Up Stuff You Love To Reach FI?

Should you give up stuff, you love to reach FI? The answer to this question is as simple as it is ambiguous–“well, yes you do, and also no you don’t.” If you’re on the FI path and you’re wondering if it’s okay to still have two cars, hire a nanny,

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How To Calculate Your Savings Rate and Why It’s Important

Savings Rate is the most important factor to determine how long it’ll take you to reach financial independence. The higher your savings rate, the faster your path to Financial Independence. Find out everything you need to know about savings rates and how to calculate your personal savings rate.

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