How To Make More Money: The Ultimate Guide

How To Make More Money: The Ultimate Guide

When you start trying to achieve Financial Independence, everything seems exciting. You start to make progress, pay down debt, and see quickly how your finance change for the better. But inevitably, you hit a wall. You’re unable to cut anything more from your budget, your kids want new smartphones, and your partner desperately wants to take a vacation. Not a staycation, a real vacation. When you’ve cut everything from the … Read more

How We Taught Our Teenager About Money–And You Can Too

The job of instilling good money habits and wealth-building tools into our children is no small feat. Society will pressure them into living beyond their means in every way possible. You can provide subtle, yet strong lessons which will help them establish their own money personality. This will then guide their behaviors. Remember, more is caught than taught, but you can shape their perspectives in the areas that pack the … Read more

Keep Your Coffee And Your Money By Making Coffee At Home

Keep Your Coffee And Your Money By Making Coffee At Home

From Suze Orman saying that your coffee habit is costing you $1 million to David Bach’s assault on premium coffee drinks in , it seems like everybody believes that coffee is your #1 financial problem. Even famous venture capitalist and Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary (a.k.a. Mr. Wonderful) has gotten in on the coffee hate. We here at ChooseFI like to take more a balanced stance on coffee or any … Read more

120 | Your Money And Your Relationships With Jean Chatzky

120 | Your Money and Your Relationships | Jean Chatzky

Jean Chatzky is the financial editor of the NBC Today Show and author of . She is recognized for a specialized understanding of the relationship between women and their money. However, both men and women can learn something for Chatzky’s insights. Brad and Jonathan delve into the relationships that each of us has with money. Women with Money With the release of Women with Money: The Judgement-Free Guide to Creating … Read more

118 | From Financial Infidelity To His & Her Money

his and her money talaat mcneely

Talaat McNeely from His and Her Money talks about how his money mistakes led to financial infidelity. Most importantly, he shares how he was able to rebuild trust with his wife Tai and successfully work towards common financial goals together. Through Talaat and Tai’s story, you will learn practical ways to build the financial trust that many couples hope to achieve. Financial Infidelity Before Talaat proposed to Tai, he described … Read more

How To Move Money From A Financial Advisor To Vanguard

How To Move Money From A Financial Advisor To Vanguard

If you’ve been educating yourself about how to achieve financial independence (FI), you’ve probably learned a lot about investing on your journey to reach your FI number. You’ve probably also learned that fees can eat up a huge portion of your investment return over time, especially as the losses–due to fees, compound. Let me give you an example of how fees will eat into your nest egg. In 2019, you … Read more

070 | Your Money Or Your Life | Vicki Robin

070 Vicki Robin wordpress

Author and FI pioneer Vicki Robin discusses the cultural development of over-consumption, how much is enough, and what else, besides good investments, contributes to successful financial independence? What you’ll hear in this exclusive with Vicki Robin: Vicki’s story began when she invested in long-term bonds at a young age, achieving modest financial independence very quickly Vicki and her partner, Joe Dominguez, hosted seminars about financial independence beginning in the 1980’s, … Read more

053 | Millennial Money Man | Do you want to be rich?

053 Millennial Money Man

This episode was an interview with Bobby from Millennial Money Man on attacking debt, becoming a full-time blogger, methods to teach finance in schools and how to scale side hustles. In today’s episode we cover: Bobby’s story starting as a high school music director Him quitting his job to be a full-time blogger How he paid off his student loans His mentor teaching him the basics of managing money The … Read more

023 | Career Hacking With ESI Money

023.CAREER HACKINGP.S. If you have time to leave a review for the podcast it would be a BIG help to us -)

ESI from ESI Money is on the podcast today talking about Career Hacking and how you can set yourself up to earn millions more over a working career with seven simple steps. In Today’s Podcast We Cover: ESI from is here to discuss ways you can increase your earnings through Career Hacking ESI retired at 52 and reaching “financial independence” in his early 40s. He lives in Colorado, which … Read more

Navigating Career Changes Financially With Stefanie O’Connell

Navigating your career change

Stefanie O’Connell, a champion for helping women conquer their work and worth, joins Jillian to discuss navigating career changes financially. Stefanie dives into the impact your mindset can have on your earning potential and your ability to take risks with work. More About Stefanie O’Connell Stefanie O’Connell is a nationally recognized money expert and the author of the book The Broke And Beautiful Life. Stefanie has been featured on major … Read more