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Are You Too Good For Casserole? | Ep 231

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show

  • Reboot your finances, start shopping your cabinets, and challenge yourself to think a little more creatively about your meals.
  • Start a spending challenge and fill up your free time with physical activity. Keep track of how many times you choose to do something different.
  • Jonathan has set a goal of losing 20 pounds and keeping it off for 6 months. He’s gamified this challenge and is betting he can do it, literally!
  • Brad’s children are approaching their teenage years when college planning and preparation begin to get real. He and Laura have been saving for college costs using 529 accounts and getting a Virginia state tax deduction in the process. However, he doesn’t know what the likelihood is that his daughters will need the money they’ve saved and now it’s tied up in these accounts with little flexibility.
  • For those who have over-saved, there are creative ways to use money in 529s plans. Payments toward room and board don’t need to be rent. It could be used to buy a house and start house hacking.
  • Jonathan sees the need for skills over degrees. He wants to present his children with all of the options, fostering interest-led learning, and allowing them to opt-in to their future.
  • College is required for some professions, but it is not the only option. Many employers are more interested in what you have done, making it possible to make a significant living on skills and passion.
  • Networking is not spammy, it’s about building genuine relationships.
  • Community wins! Using tips from previous episodes, Andy negotiated a 17% raise.

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