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Jillian from Montana Money Adventures gives advice for laying out roadmap in your life, right after and Brad and Jonathan review Monday’s episode and highlight activities from several local groups around the globe.
  • Brad and Jonathan reflect on last week’s episode with Billy Banholzer.
  • Video Clip of the Week demonstrates grit persistence and the removal of limiting beliefs
  • A video inspires Brad to learn swimming from his daughter.
  • Your current behavior or mistake doesn’t have to define you for the rest of your life.
  • One of the first steps to Billy’s success was setting goals.
  • What are Brad’s suggestions for developing into a better writer?
  • Billy found ChooseFI while he was looking for a community of people who were pursuing the same things he wanted to pursue.
  • Getting started on the path to financial independence can be really hard at first, but it gets easier as you move further down the path.
  • Brad shares excitement about a local meet up and changes people are making locally.
  • Highlight reel of local group activities:
    • Combined Southern California and San Diego groups have a sold-out meeting where Jillian from Montana Money Adventures will speak.
    • The Nebraska local group is meeting every two months with specific topics.
    • A new group in The Netherlands has more than 20 members.
    • The local group in Portland, Ore., met every week in 2018.
    • A Northern Ireland local group doubled its membership in the past month.
    • Alex, an admin from the Baltimore group, is setting up mastermind groups.
  • Jillian, from Episode 84, talks about building a life roadmap:
    • Focusing on your values is the first step to building a better life.
    • How did Jillian and her husband create space to talk about their values and what they wanted their life to look like?
    • Be. Have. Do.
    • Jillian uses sticky notes to brainstorm her ideas and organize her thoughts.
    • What is a Quit List?
    • How does Jillian consider seasons of life?
    • Each person’s superpower includes:
      • What you’re passionate about.
      • What you’re naturally good at.
      • What activities you get caught up in and find really fun.
    • Brad talks about listening to where there’s resistance in your life.
    • Could. Should. Want.
    • Writing down your thoughts helps clarify and anchor them.
    • Tickets for Chautauqua 2019 will go on sale soon.
  Links: Video Clip of Dad learning gymnastics ChooseFI Local Groups Jillian’s workbook Montana Money Adventures FI Chautauqua
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