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111 | The Lost Decade | From Prison to FI | Wealth Well Done

Billy B., a writer, entrepreneur, and blogger at Wealth Well Done shares his story of finding freedom in prison, starting over in his 30s and pursuing financial independence despite the setbacks.
  • Billy was given a 10-year prison sentence at 21, just before he was supposed to graduate from college.
  • Life was electric when Billy was using drugs and attending rave concerts – he was living the life he wanted to live – but bad things can happen really quick when you take those risks.
  • The idea that gave Billy hope is that no matter what struggles someone is in, it doesn’t have to be that way forever.
  • How did Billy keep developing, even as he was surrounded by walls?
  • Discipline is hard, but in the midst of it, it can start to give you visions of who you want to be.
  • “The gap between who I am today and the person I want to be in my future is practicing the skills that could get me there.”
  • How did faith frame Billy’s mindset in prison?
  • Billy’s goals when he got out of prison:
    • Finish his college degree
    • Land a $9-$10 an hour job
  • Just because you reach your goals doesn’t mean you have to stay there.
  • Billy is an independent sales representative, which means he owns his own business and has the freedom to sell almost any products he wants.
  • How did Billy train his mind to spot opportunities?
  • The process of reconciliation began the day after Billy got arrested.
  • Success isn’t acting successful – it’s actually living it out.
  • Through a work-release program, Billy was able to pay off $15k in fines and left prison with $6-10k in a bank account.
  • How did Billy accidentally save $150k and what did he do with it?
  • From prison, Billy wasn’t dreaming of cars and clothes, he was dreaming of freedom.
  • “Do the time. Don’t let the time do you.”
  • We only control how we respond to the world.
  • Biggest financial mistake: Thinking that $10 could buy a more interesting life story or a better life experience.
Read more about Billy’s story here Links: Wealth Well Done Millennial Revolution
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