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093R | Other Mountains To Climb

Brad, Jonathan and Joe Saul-Sehy, from Stacking Benjamins, talk about what is rewarding to your soul, give feedback to a ChooseFI community member who’s considering selling his business, and recap Harry, the Ride Share Guy’s strategies for becoming the center of a niche.
  • Hurricane Florence’s path didn’t go near Brad and Jonathan, but there were tornadoes.
  • FU money is better than FI money.
  • Meet up in Florida during the week of FinCon 2018.
  • How did Harry (from Monday’s episode) become the go-to guy for ride-share drivers? Listen to the full episode with Harry Campbell here.
  • What strategies would help someone become the go-to person in a particular niche?
  • How can you solve a problem that you, and other people, have?
  • Find people who like and trust you.
  • How is retail changing in 2018?
  • How did Harry pursue unusual opportunities to make extra money?
  • Could the “destination filter” as an Uber or Lyft driver and the potential to deduct you commute drop someone into a lower tax bracket?
  • How did Joe from Stacking Benjamins become a financial advisor?
  • What did the phrase “other mountains to climb” mean to Joe and how did it impact his career?
  • What did Joe value about going back to school to be a teacher, but not actually becoming a teacher?
  • What does it mean for something to be “rewarding for your soul”?
  • How did Joe need to adjust his business in order to sell it?
  • Where does financial independence stand within the personal finance world?
  • Is financial independence about playing defense or offense?
  • Voicemail from Jon, looking for advice about whether he should sell his business to become FI, or continue working with a few side hustles.
  • Could Jon restructure his business to reduce stress and create a more positive working environment?
  • What’s wrong with a life well worked?
  • Is there value in purchasing a business that is inextricably tied to a single person?
  • Coming up soon, Stacking Benjamins is doing live shows in Orlando, Kansas City and Ferndale, Mich.
  Links: Joe Saul-Sehy’s Stacking Benjamins Show Stacking Benjamins Tour Profit First – book by Mike Michalowicz
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