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By day CHGO FIRE suits-up as a nonprofit leader in a large Midwestern city by a lake. By night he's an indie music loving, spreadsheet tweaking, valueist dad with a lust for life. From high school dropout to anticipated financial independence in 2020 — His Journey is chronicled here in all its raw, honest glory! 

Ms Fiology

Hello, I'm Ms. FI-ology because I consider myself a student of financial independence. I'm deep in the trenches studying and pulling different levers to find out what works best for me and my journey. I only found FI in my 40's but I'm on fire about it! My story is messy, but it's also one of redemption. For many years I headed down dead-end roads, lived self destructively, drank/drugged too much and put on a pretty face to hide the pain. In my mid 30's I got sober and everything changed. I've done the hard work, I do the hard work, and have found a beautiful transformation. I will chronicle my journey to FI and the dichotomy of me then versus now. I hope my stories will make you laugh and think but most importantly inspire you to know it is never too late.

Fit 2 Fire

I want to be fit enough to enjoy my fire, and push for fire so I can focus on being fit.

I am on the road to living healthy, eating right, staying in shape and enjoying the fruits of my work. It’s not always a smooth path, but nothing good in life is easy.

Healthy FI MD

I am an Emergency Medicine physician on the path to FI. Discovering the FI community has given me the tools to focus on the things that matter in my life, especially my husband and three children. I have a special interest in obesity medicine and healthy eating. Crock pot cooking has been a hobby of mine – I currently own seven of them (and an instant pot too!) When I’m not seeing patients, you can find me running, weight lifting, skiing, or doing Taekwondo with my family. I am excited to give back some healthy living tips to the FI community that has changed my life.

Reluctant Frugalist

I'm the Reluctant Frugalist, married mother of three, struggling in the daily balance of of frugalism vs wants. I've always been fascinated by money. Perhaps it's the complex rules society puts on it, or the freedom you can buy when you accumulate it. But no matter what draws me, I have a strong desire to master my money.

Each of us has a money story — this is mine.

Earlier FI

I am a savvy consumer, taking the right steps to become financially independent. Add in a few missteps along the way, and here I am, sharing my stories. My path is taking me to Earlier FI.
I muse about what works, what doesn't and what happens when I teach others. Come along with me on the pathway to an earlier FI.

Andy writes over at AardvarkAdvisor.com about Personal Finance, Financial Independence and just general ways to optimize life. He's a big proponent of finding ways to increase happiness in your life and the lives of others and sees Financial Independence as a cornerstone to that happiness. He's passionate about growing this community and helping others learn how to “escape the hamster wheel” that keeps many of us tied to jobs and lifestyles we don't even enjoy.

Andy plans to hit his FI number in about 3 years at the age of 35 and transition away from a life of corporate monotony. He looks forward to finding a part-time gig and spending his life on meaningful projects that help others (people and animals) plus going on adventures with his wife and dog.

Slice of FI

Hi there, I am a Mom of 2 and wife of 1 in a busy city! I look forward to sharing my journey with you as I juggle a career in education and support a family on one income, all while paying down debt and enjoying the ride along the way.

FI Tradesguy

I started in a skilled trade in my teens and pursued that career path while going to college. Once I graduated college I felt like I had to get a “real” job and went into a management trainee office type lemming position. Long story short, I am back in the trades and love it more that ever. I truly believe that a skilled trade is one of the most effective and efficient ways to get to early FI. Read along and I’ll explain!

Ms Money Penny

Hello friends! I’m Ms. MoneyPenny. A Gen-X-er living with my significant other and two young boys in a large metropolitan city. We are on our way to financial independence (FI) and want our journey to be as amazing as the final destination.

Captain DIY

Captain DIY is the illustrious author behind DIY to FI, a blog designed to share the power of DIY knowledge and skills as a pillar of FI. With the help of guest experts and years of personal trade experience, DIYtoFI.blog presents the tools, tips, and tricks to help you get stuff done around your house, and may even conjure up a side hustle or two.