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Choose FI is unconventional, and so is working for us. We thrive on collaboration, innovation and flexibility. Our team members have a passion for financial independence, entrepreneurship and changing the world!

Social Media Manager

Do you love interacting online with others? Do you have a passion for financial independence that you want to share  with others? ChooseFI is looking to add a professional Social Media Marketing position to our team!

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Build + execute a comprehensive ChooseFI social media marketing plan
  • Maintain Sprout calendar for social media posts and align with overall marketing calendar for ChooseFI Media and associated campaigns.
  • Manage production of podcast art for social media from design templates
  • Define measurable for social media that support the ChooseFI top-3 KPIs
  • Set and maintain regular cadence of posts and advertisements to support KPIs and encourage engagement with ChooseFI across social platforms
  • Position requires at least 10 hours per week

Desired Experience 

  • Experience developing and executing a social media plan across multiple channels
  • Experience + expertise with Facebook and Twitter organic and paid advertising.
  • Experience with Instagram and TikTok native short videos (reels, shorts, stories, IGTV) and posts.
  • Understanding of how social media supports larger marketing campaigns. 

Social Media Manager