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Build Your Talent Stack | Ep 237

The Friday Roundup

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show

  • What would it look like to build your talent stack? What are you good at or better than average at? The more skills you build, the more opportunities open up to you.
  • There’s big news from the Mendonza household. Jonathan’s wife received her US citizenship this week. Congratulations, Dani!
  • After Monday’s episode 235 with Jacques Hopkins, Jonathan is building his talent stack and learning to play the piano.
  • Brad and Jonathan discuss the benefits of having skills and being relatable over having a degree. The college experience is an old model. How financial independence is reached will be based on skills talent stack.
  • Most people are not going to be world-class at any single thing, but it’s possible to have a unique set of skills.
  • The new buzzword in MK’s household is information allocation. She and her husband, Jason, are focusing their efforts on consuming information, learning from mistakes, and getting better with each iteration.
  • ChooseFI hasn’t stuck to financial topics like how to save money but evolved into a show where listeners have access to more holistic information on how to build a better life.
  • Students in The Simple StartUp Summer Camp are making sales! In addition to a few sales to family and friends, Neve sold her all-natural lip balm product to another student at her school who she hardly knows and has just over 100 followers on Instagram.
  • The Simple StartUp Summer Camp has received wonderful compliments from parents noting that their kids are engaged and lighting up. If you missed out on the camps, you may still purchase the workbook at
  • What is a red X month? A red X month is a month where there’s no work on the schedule and time is spent with family. August has been Brad’s family’s red X month for the last 3 years.
  • Can you create enough margin in your own life to carve out a red X month? Let us know what you’ve done with your own red X month at [email protected].
  • ChooseFI’s episode schedule is changing again. After ramping up to 5 days a week to support financial resiliency in the face of COVID, the schedule is returning to its 2 days a week, Monday and Friday cadence.
  • From the mailbag, Brian asked about managing asset allocation across platforms. While not everyone will manage it in the same way, both Brad and MK manage their asset allocations in spreadsheets they’ve created. Jonathan just uses Personal Capital.
  • In Google Sheets, Brad uses a Google Finance lookup to update his holdings. The formula is =GOOGLEFINANCE(“stock ticker”,”price”).
  • Lindsay applied for the United Explorer Card in February, but after realizing that thew wasn’t getting the expected value from the card this year, she was able to downgrade to a no annual fee card and got refunded half the $95 annual fee she had paid.

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