Creating a Winning Partnership with Brad and Jonathan


Brad and Jonathan ( discuss with Jillian the keys to a great partnership. Life is full of opportunities to join together with someone, to create and accomplish things. When Jonathan and Brad started out they didn’t know each other very well, but Jonathan had a compelling idea for a podcast. What was the worst that could happen? In an effort to find their voice in the podcasting world, Brad and … Read more

Double Your Income By Flipping The Second-Hand Market With Flea Market Flippers | Ep 256

Rob and Melissa Stephenson-the Flea Market Flippers Website:  Flea Market Flipper Email: [email protected] and [email protected] What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show How can you recognize the value in the secondhand market, begin optimizing a strategy, and turn it into income? Today’s guests, Rob and Melissa Stephenson, the Flea Market Flippers, have built a six-figure business flipping the bargains they find. Rob spent weekends as a child with his parents … Read more

If People Can Do It I can Do It Too | Vivian Connects With Leslie Tayne | Households of FI | Ep 255

Households of FI – Vivian What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Picking back up with the Household of FI series, Vivian is a single mom who found FI in the last year, but initially, it seemed impossible. It wasn’t until she was introduced to the ChooseFI podcast and saw real people reaching financial independence that she believed she could do it too. Vivian has been dealing with a number … Read more

Your Questions Answered #4


Jillian answers your questions! You may have noticed like one reader did that Jillian has the ability to talk about messy things with a calm and collected demeanor. How does she do that? By understanding dysregulation, we can develop the skills to prepare us for any conversation. Most of us have a tendency to become dysregulated up the spectrum (becoming fiery with anxiety or anger) or dysregulated down (becoming cold … Read more

Indie Entrepreneur | Create a Lifestyle not a JOB With Corbett Barr | Ep 254

Corbett Barr Website:  Fizzle Podcast: The Fizzle Show Podcast What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Building a business online has never been easier than right now, but Corbett Barr was forging his path in the early 2000s when it was hard. We’re diving into his origin story to learn what gave him motivation and why he believed entrepreneurship was for him. Working as a consultant in Fortune 500 companies, … Read more

Back To Basics | Ep 253

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Going back to the basics of ChooseFI being a crowdsourced show, Brad and Jonathan address what’s going on in the FI community with a wild card Friday episode. Why revisit content that’s already been discussed? After several years of introducing new ideas, the ChooseFI audience may be in a different place financially and ready for a refresher on some of the more advanced … Read more A Great Online Planner For FI in 2020

Napoleon Hill, author of the ChooseFI staple Think and Grow Rich, famously said, “Plan your work and work your plan.” If you know anything about the journey to Financial Independence, you know that achieving it means having a plan for your money. If you don’t have a plan, retiring early may be something you talk about but never accomplish. For ChooseFIers, gives you the retirement plan you need, one … Read more

Most Experty Expert


When you’re not the most “experty expert” fear can creep in and stymie you. Jillian explains that when we doubt our value we miss out on experiences and relationships that are crucial to our personal and professional growth. In her experience, coaching creatives and other coaches, she has found that many of us feel like we need to be the best in our field before we can put ourselves out … Read more

Life Rebuilt With Julia | Ep 252

Julia Harder What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Everyone’s path to FI is going to look a little bit different and there is so much we can learn from each other. Hoping to inspire and share lessons learned through conversations with community members, Brad and Jonathan speak with Julia Harder, an active duty member of the Coast Guard, who is already well on her path to FI. Always a … Read more

Chase Refreshes the Freedom Lineup With A New Card-The Chase Freedom Flex By Mastercard

LEARN HOW TO APPLY FOR THE CHASE FREEDOM FLEX BY MASTERCARD HERE One of our favorite no-fee credit cards is getting a major refresh and new name, the Chase Freedom Flex by Mastercard! A brand-new credit card product is always welcome news, but when it improves upon its predecessor, it’s even more exciting to discuss. Starting September 15, 2020, Chase Freedom Flex by Mastercard replaces the much-loved Chase Freedom card … Read more