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Securing Your Financial Life | Ep 397

This week, long-time listener and cybersecurity expert Tom shows you how you can secure your online life. Keeping yourself secure and your assets safe is one of the best ways to ensure a progressive future as you move forward in the digital era while on your FI journey!

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Financial Independence A-Z

We’ve all heard how difficult personal finance can be. Going through life living paycheck-to-paycheck, chipping down balances of student loans and credit cards, all with the hopes that maybe someday we’ll be able to retire. Sounds pretty awful, right?

The worldwide Financial Independence (FI) community rejects that tired nonsense and changes the starting point. In the FI community, we strive to spend less, earn more, and most of all – enjoy life!

Eat Healthy and Save Money

We Love $2 Meals

Cooking at home allows us to eat healthier, save money (how can you beat $2 per person per meal for dinner!), enjoy time together at home as a family, and on busy nights, pull leftovers out of the refrigerator when we are all going in different directions.

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Here we’ve selected some of our favorite episodes that we hope will both introduce you to the ChooseFI community and answer some of the most frequent questions new listeners tend to have.