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If you have listen on an Apple device, can you take 1 minute and leave us a quick rating and review?

1. Visit itunes

Head to our itunes page. This should open up the iTunes program on your computer. If not, just head to your iTunes store and look for “ChooseFI” 

2. Subscribe

Within Apple Podcasts, click the “subscribe” button on the right  side to subscribe to our show and then click “Write a Review” under the Ratings and Reviews Section.

3. Leave a Review

Leave a written review! (hopefully five stars 🙂  Long or short is fine, we appreciate it. 

That’s it! Just click submit and you are done!

Thanks so much! We cannot fully express how much we appreciate your support. We need and want your help every step of the way as we try to get this message out. Let’s give everyone, no matter how young or old, the chance to ChooseFI!