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Learning doesn’t stop when you get a diploma. We’re all about adding to our talent stack and continuous lifelong learning here at ChooseFI. These courses are well done and chock-full of actionable information.

Financial Independence 101 FREE Online Course

The journey to Financial Independence begins with understanding the basics. That’s precisely what we are offering in FI101. Our FREE 101-level course covers it all. EVERYTHING you need to launch your own journey to FI is here waiting for you to discover.

ChooseFI Travel Rewards 101 FREE Online Course

You’ve optimized your living expenses. Now crush your travel costs.. If you love visiting new places, but have had to cut back because travel expenses aren’t great for your Financial Independence journey, you’ll like what we’re about to drop..

Flea Market Flippers

Not everyone wants to start a blog or podcast or get into real estate. But if you like the thrill of bargain hunting, Rob and Melissa of the Flea Market Flippers will help you start a profitable side hustle finding new homes for valuable items unwanted by their current owners.

Facebook Side Hustle

Just follow this simple, step-by-step plan for putting together a side hustle running Facebook marketing campaigns for local businesses. Mike and Bobby of Laptop Empires have stripped away all the complexities of Facebook marketing, and show you how you can earn up top $2,000 extra a month helping businesses in your community thrive.

Top Travel Rewards Offers

Top Travel Card

Ready to unlock a world of free travel? Start with the Chase Sapphire Preferred.
Details: $95 annual fee | $4k min spend in 3 months to earn $1000+ of travel.

Most Flexible Travel Card

The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card can be used for almost any travel expenses.
Details: $95 AF | $3k spend in 3 months to earn $600 in travel.

Flexible Chase UR Points & Cashback Card

The Chase Freedom Flex has no Annual Fee (AF) and earns Chase UR points.
Details: No AF | $500 spend in 3 months to earn $200.

Best Card for Side Hustlers and Business Owners

Side hustlers! The Ink Business Preferred can earn you $1.25k+ of free travel!
Details: $95 annual fee | $15k spend in 3 months to earn $1,250+ of travel

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You could cobble together your own FI plan from a whole constellation of blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos.

Or you could let FI Pathfinder email you the content you want, in the format you prefer, to be consumed at a time of your choosing.

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